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Goose Repellents that are Effective

goose repellentDuring breeding season, the geese breed and lay about four to eight eggs at one time.  It takes approximately thirty days to incubate under the watchful eye of the mom and dad.  A mother goose in her lifetime will hatch up to fifty geese.  Geese are abundance and it is easy to realize why.

They can be quite a nuisance however.  If there is a water source, there will be geese.  Parks, airports, golf courses and many planned communities are in constant battle with the pest geese.  Geese love freshly manicured lawns.  They will graze on the plants, weeds and grass.  They will easily destroy the grassy area, and will leave in their wake a lot of droppings.  Goose droppings and most other bird droppings are known to carry over 60 transmittable diseases, and some of them are airborne.

Goose repellents should be installed where geese are rampant.  Geese droppings can pose a hazard to domestic animals as well as humans.  Cats can maneuver around the droppings on the grass naturally, but the dogs love to roll around in it and even eat it.  There was a study done by the CDC on a resident flock of Canada Geese in Georgia and North Carolina.  There was proof that antibiotic resistant E coli were carried by the geese.  It is obvious how one can be affected when the dog comes charging inside after rolling around on the grass laden with goose poop after what appears to be a safe time at the park.

There are many goose repellents that are humane and safe.  Liquid goose repellent is highly effective and very cost effective as well.  Liquid goose repellent is a non-toxic liquid that can be sprayed on the grass area and any shrubs.  The ingredient in the liquid goose repellent is a grape extract, Methyl Anthranilate.  This causes the mucous membranes and trigeminal nerves to be irritated, and they will not like it at all.  It will keep the geese off the grass, yet the area will still be safe for any domestic animals.

There are many choices of goose repellents.  There is also sound deterrents, motion activated sprinklers and coyote decoys to get rid of geese from your property.

Goose Control at the Golf Course

goose control

Golf courses have man-made designed hazards to make the course more interesting.  There is water and bunkers.  This is what the Official Rules of Golf designate as hazards.  To a golfer, a hazard is anything that is hazardous to the ultimate golf score.  Another hazard on the golf course is the Canada Geese.  Goose control is a hot topic for golf course workers and superintendents.  It takes effort to keep the course clean and green.  With geese running amuck depositing their droppings everywhere they go just adds to the cleaning up portion of the course maintenance worker’s job.

Golfers are not very happy stomping in goose droppings or having their golf balls rolling around in the droppings.  Golfers pay a lot of money to play a course usually, and they should not have to worry about picking up their golf ball and having to sanitize their hands each time they touch it.  When geese are present, their residual feathers are usually all over the place as well.

Goose control is especially relevant with golf courses that have a lot of water features.  The goose control problem even filters over into the surrounding luxury homes, condos and apartments that are often built around the golf courses.  The noise of the geese is also a factor.  A golfer lined up for a shot does not like to be distracted by the geese flapping their wings or diving into the pond.

Goose Control Methods

How can the golf course and paying golfers be spared from the geese? The course and players are spared by applying a goose control method or two. Visual bird diverters, or bird scares, placed sporadically around the waterholes with bird deterrent balloons attached to a type of stake pounded in the ground would be a great start to getting rid of the pest birds.  A goose control using a visual deterrent such as the visual balloon deterrent, works by frightening the geese away.  As the balloon will look like a decorative item to the golfer, it is a predator to the pest birds.  The “mock” predator eye is printed on the sides of the balloon. The surface of this visual bird deterrent is shiny and reflective which adds to the uncomfortable visual stimuli of the pest bird, confusing and frightening the bird and forcing the feathered nuisance to find an alternate bathing, resting and eating place.  These balloon diverters can also be hung in trees, wherever the problem occurs.  There are also diverters that act in the same way, but they are not balloon shaped.  They are more flat but still have the shiny surface and the predator markings which confuse and scare the geese.

There are also motion activated sprinklers and sound goose deterrents that work well in unison with the visual scares.  A professional from a successful bird control company will be able to guide you to the best combination of goose control methods that will keep the course free from the Canada Geese.


Geese are Returning – Install Goose Control

goose repellentsIt is spring and the migratory geese are returning.  Grass and shrubs will be eaten until there is nothing left.  Well, what will be left is the mass of goose droppings all over the place.  They take the food, but they leave their fecal matter behind.  Goose control products are needed to take control of the goose problems.  Goose control methods are safe and humane and a great solution to get rid of geese from the area.

Goose Control Repellents

Geese graze and chomp on the grass and shrubs so the best way to deter them is by putting something on the area that will annoy them.  Migrate Goose Repellent will annoy the geese and make them leave the area but will not harm them or anyone else who comes in contact with this non-toxic liquid goose repellent.  The active ingredient in the liquid goose repellent is Methyl Anthranilate, which is a fancy term for a non-toxic grape extract.  This extract has proven to be effective in repelling pest birds including the geese.  The geese are annoyed because the extract irritates their trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes through the entry in their eyes, nose and mouth.  The birds dislike the sensation it causes and they will want to leave the area that is treated with the liquid repellent.

Another method to get rid of geese is a sound goose deterrent.  A solar powered scare tactic can deter geese from a few acres with additional speakers that are set up strategically.  Birds hear at the same level as humans so do not be deceived into buying an ultrasonic device.  The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is not ultrasonic, and this device features actual distress and predator calls of over 22 different types of birds, including the unwanted geese.  The goose control method is great for large areas such as parks, golf courses, cemeteries and sports fields to only name a few places.

Goose control products are simple to install, but if you have neither the time nor resources to install the goose deterrent products, there are wildlife and pest control professionals that offer advice and services.  The cost effectiveness of bird control outweighs the cost of damage and repair to lawns and fields.



Goodbye Birds – Bird Control is in Action

bird controlNormal wear and tear on a property is an expected occurrence.  Building owners and facility managers anticipate a certain amount of damage to occur each year, and usually there is a line in the budget for this projected expense.  Often times, however, facility managers may not think about the bird damage and the liability caused by a pest bird infestation.  You do not have a lot of control over the normal wear and tear, but you do have control over the pest bird problem and you can get rid of pigeons and other birds from your property.

Pigeons and other pest birds can be very messy.  They leave their droppings all over the rooftops, walls, and windowsills and their droppings can even fall on very expensive equipment.  The droppings contaminate water sources and droppings and nesting materials can clog vents.  Walkways are an issue with fresh new droppings.  They are often the cause of slip and fall accidents.  This is a huge liability that needs to be forefront and taken care of immediately.  Droppings are also very acidic and because of the acidity they can be corrosive and cause irreversible damage to the equipment and any other surface they land on.

Get rid of Pest Birds with Bird Control

The most successful way to get rid of pest birds is with a combined approach including bird deterrents.  Eco-friendly and humane products that are safe for everything is the perfect bird control solution.  Facility managers have many products to select from including bird netting, bird spikes, visual deterrents and sonic devices that will scare the birds away.

Your company’s reputation is at stake.  Also investing in bird control will save time and money without having to have the added personnel to clean up and repair the damage the pest birds are sure to accomplish if they are allowed to linger.

Protect Large Grassy Areas with Goose Control

Maintenance supervisors and workers have their work cut out for them when they deal with goose droppings all over the lawns on golf courses, parks and cemeteries.  Goose deterrent methods are needed ASAP for these kinds of locations.  Interruption of a golf game when the golfers have paid hundreds of dollars to play the course will make for some unhappy golfers.  Geese can also be a real nuisance at parks and cemeteries.  Geese are known to be quite aggressive and will chase animals and small children.

When their natural predators such as foxes and coyotes are not around to chase them away, geese will gather in huge numbers and then you have a real mess and a lot of noise.  Geese are more often found near water sources such as lakes, reservoirs, large ponds and rivers.  Thankfully, there are highly effective and humane goose control methods that can be installed to get rid of geese in these areas.

Effective Geese Deterrents

There are great geese deterrent products out on the market.  Sonic deterrents work well.  Ultrasonic devices will not work, so make sure that it is a sonic sound deterrent.  Geese hear at the same level as humans, so if you cannot hear it, they will not be able to either.  The sonic sound deterrents work with the goose’s natural fear of predators by broadcasting distress calls and predator calls.  Some units can cover as many as four acres of land.  The speakers can be directed towards certain areas.

There are also non-toxic liquid goose deterrents that discourage geese from eating the grass since it leaves a bad taste and sensation in their mouth. The active ingredient is grape extract and it is safe for pets and humans. One application lasts up to two weeks outdoors, and it won’t wash off with rain or sprinklers. The liquid deterrent is ideal for large outdoor areas. The best chemical goose control products are registered with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure they can be safely used.

There are also visual deterrents that are effective and are great goose-scare devices. These include scare balloons and flash tape. Geese like to feel comfortable when they nest and roost and bird scare deterrents make them uncomfortable. The best balloons have large predator eye designs that look threatening to the geese. Flash tape is reflective in the sun and rustles in the breeze, making geese even more nervous.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, goose deterrents should be set up before geese arrive. They should also be used at night when geese tend to roost. It is recommended to use these methods together since geese may eventually get used to them and no longer see one particular goose control product as a threat.


Bird Spikes Will Deter Pigeons from Construction Sites

bird spikesThe overall responsibility of a construction site is the general contractors duty.  This includes communicating to all the vendors and trades involved in the course of the construction project.  Bird control measures are now being required on some new construction projects and on many remodels.  This helps ensure the integrity of the construction materials that are being used.  Architects, building engineers and general contractors all work together to ensure that the bird control products chosen do not interrupt the integrity of the design.

Construction sites are in constant battle with the pigeon and gulls.  A physical barrier that would keep the birds at a distance is a bird spike.  Bird spikes stop the larger pest birds such as pigeons from perching on the ledges.  The spikes come in different sizes so that any ledge from narrow to wide will be proficiently treated.  Contractors as well as architects often recommend stainless steel bird spikes.  They have a long guarantee and are patented with the bend & brush design for permanent installation.  They fit any contour and can bend 360 degrees.  They are installed with adhesives or can be screwed down.  The base of the spikes is U.V. protected polycarbonate.  The bend and brush design guarantees that the spikes will not fall out of the base.  When installed correctly, they are virtually invisible and protecting the integrity of the building project, while protecting against the intrusion of pest birds.

Why Bird Deterrents are Needed

Pigeon and other pest birds do not just eat leftover food and leave.  Or they do not just roost and raise their young in nests and leave.  What happens is they leave behind their droppings, which accumulate and create an unsafe environment, not to mention an unsightly one.  The affect of leaving the site untreated with bird control measures can be quite costly and time consuming in repair and clean up.

The messy droppings damage and accelerate the deterioration of buildings, which in turn increases the cost of maintenance.  Bird, pigeons especially, also carry and transmit many diseases; pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis and cryptococcosis to name only a few.  Many diseases can be transmitted to humans.

The general contractor and team working together will ensure a site that is bird free and is able to stay that way once the project is complete.





Effective and Humane Goose Control

goose controlEffective goose control is much needed.  Every year thousands of dollars is used in clean up and repairs from what the pest bird droppings destroy.  If the areas such as a park, airport and golf course are not covered by goose control measures, large flocks of geese will often lay claim to the area, and this means leaving disease-carrying droppings in their wake.  The droppings will contaminate the ponds, lakes and any other body of water.  They will also leave the area unsightly and unsanitary.  Geese graze on the grassy areas and shrubs and they will destroy the area.  Geese are drawn to large inland bodies of water, and that is why they are attracted to parks and golf courses.

Most airports are also near large areas of land that usually have bodies of water.  Geese cause other hazards around an airport, causing major damage to engines and props.  Collisions are potentially lethal between the airplane and geese.  There are many bird strikes reported each year.  Not all develop into catastrophes, but some do.

Most species of geese are protected by federal and local statutes, so only non-lethal goose deterrents can be used against them. Below are some of the most effective and humane goose control methods that are often used.

Sound Goose Deterrent

Using sound to scare pests exploits the goose's natural fear of predators.  Sonic bird deterrents scare geese off with sounds of distress and predator calls. They are most effective when they are strategically positioned in open spaces.  They can work day and night, and are easily programmed.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

Sprinklers deliver a vigorous blast of water when wandering geese approach the radius of detection. The sudden blast of water, startling sprinkler sound and realistic looking bird-like moving head delivers an aggressive message to pest geese. The sprinkler simply connects to a garden hose, yet uses just 2 to 3 cups of water per spray. It covers approximately 1,200 square feet with a stream that reaches out 35 feet and 45 feet wide. The sprinkler works day and night for up to 6 months (over 1,000 'bursts") on a single 9-volt battery. For added flexibility, you can fine-tune both the sprinkler's sensitivity and spray distance. They are perfect for keeping geese out of the area.

Corrosive Droppings from Pest Birds

pest birdsBusinesses and individuals pay millions of dollars each year in pest bird clean-up expenses, damaged equipment and repairs.  Up to six figures can easily be spent by large industrial facilities combating pest bird issues.  Management needs to understand the importance of implementing a bird control solution which will lower these costs.  There are serious issues associated with pest birds.

Pest Bird Issues – Why Bird Control is Needed

Birds are destructive to products, property and equipment.  Their interference in the work place endangers workers and themselves.  The birds can become entangled in machinery, causing fires, blocking ventilation ducts, ruining rooftops, pecking holes in utility poles and causing power lines to come tumbling down.  Birds are even known to cause fatal bird strikes at airports.

Bird droppings are very corrosive and can cause irreversible damage.  The droppings deface walkways, walls, rooftops, equipment and vehicles.  The corrosive nature of the droppings can cause structural failure.  They eat away at paint, concrete, wood and most metals.

Birds are also known to carry over sixty transmittable diseases.  The droppings are one way to spread the diseases.  The fecal dust is inhaled and the fungal spores that are breathed in can cause serious illnesses in humans. Also, the droppings and nests harbor over 60 kinds of ectoparasites including mites and bed bugs.

There are many types of bird control methods that will deter the birds from the area.  Bird netting is used often in large warehouses where the birds get in and roost up on the beams.  Bird netting can also be used in the loading dock area where birds tend to gravitate towards.

Bird spikes are another form of bird control that will keep the birds from landing where they are installed.  They can be applied to any flat or curved surface, including the company sign.  Pigeons are notorious pests and will try and make themselves very comfortable on your building.

Liability is always an issue at every work site.  Bird droppings are not only unsightly, unsanitary and damaging, but the fresh droppings on walking surfaces create a very slippery area.  Many slip and fall accidents are reported each year where the fresh droppings are the cause.  Keeping the business bird free will also keep the fines and citations away which OSHA and USDA give out for bird mess issues.

Get rid of Swallows from your Office Buildings

get rid of swallowsThe conflict with swallows occurs when the swallows nest close to humans and their droppings and other debris are prevalent.  Swallows are federally protected, so lethal bird control is not an option.  Nests can be removed when the nests are completely empty.  It is important to remove the nests when possible, because the swallow will come back to its same nest, or quite often other birds will use the nest.

Whereas many people may enjoy watching the swallows build their nests and the activity surrounding them, a commercial building is not the place for this to occur.  Swallows have very messy mud nests and their droppings can be quite a mess as well.  Not a nice visual for a company’s reputation.  It is important to create a swallow control plan so that the nests do not even begin being built.

Swallow Control Barriers

Creating a barrier is one way you can be sure that they are unable to build their nests, and they will fly away and find another location.  Bird netting and bird slopes are both methods that create a barrier so the swallow will not build its nasty nest on the commercial building.  A technique to use with the bird netting is to hang the netting from the eave.  The netting should be 3 to 4 inches from the wall and extend down about 18 inches.  You do not have to worry that the public will see all the netting.  When installed correctly it is virtually invisible from the ground.  The area under the eaves is usually shaded and the netting will get obscured by the shadows.

The bird slope is a unique design that creates a 90-degree area that makes it impossible for the birds to land on.  The slopes are made from a UV protected PVC plastic.  It is ideal for the eaves area and can also be applied to ledges and beams.

The swallows will need to find another location if bird netting and bird slopes are installed on the building.

How to Keep Pigeons off of City Buildings

keep pigeons offProperty damage is often times due to the pigeon and their poop.  They thrive in the city.  There is readily available food, water and shelter everywhere they turn.  There are also fewer predators for them to be worried about.  They will choose to roost and nest just about everywhere including rooftops, ledges, bridges, warehouses and any signage on the building and can easily do so when there is no bird control to stop the pigeon.  All their options are substitutes for their natural ledges in the sides of cliffs.  The feral pigeons are derived from domestic pigeons which were originally bred from the wild Rock Dove, which are natural inhabitants of sea-cliffs and mountains.  That is why city life is so inviting to them, with all the architectural nuances on the structures that are substitutes for their natural ledges in cliffs.

They can be quite a nuisance when they arrive in large flocks.  Each pigeon will drop about 25 pounds of poop per year, so it is easy to imagine a flock of birds that are not discouraged with any type of pigeon deterrent and the amount of droppings that can accumulate.

Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly and messy, but they are very unsanitary.  This creates a big problem if they get inside warehouses or they roost and nest on the buildings where there is an abundance of human traffic.  Bird poop is very acidic and will permanently stain and eat through most surfaces, including most metals.  Machinery, signs, statues are all at risk when the birds are allowed to use these areas as their resting spots.  The droppings also harbor diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Bird Deterrent Spikes

There are safe and humane pigeon control methods on the market that can eliminate the pest bird problem and help get rid of pigeons.   Bird spikes are a very effective bird deterrent that creates a barrier between the pigeon and the surface to keep pigeons off the buildings. Bird spikes can protect rooftops, under eaves, beams and rafters and window sills.  The U.V. protected polycarbonate plastic bird spikes would be a good solution.  They come in different colors and can match most structures they are applied to.  It is imperative to install the spikes correctly because pigeons are very intelligent and they will try and find a way to sneak around the strips of spikes.  There are authorized bird control product installers that can help you determine your specific needs as well as help with installations.