Bird Control Options – Try Electric Track

electric bird control trackMany business owners, as well as homeowners, have been faced with property damage caused by the pest bird when no bird control is in place.  There are many effective, safe and humane bird control methods that will deal with the winged pests.  There is one bird control method that is ideal if a low visibility bird control product is needed.

Electric Bird Control Track

The bird control electric track imparts an electric “jolt” to the pest bird when it lands.  The mild electric shock does not harm the bird.  But it will change the bird’s behavior and send them off to find another location where they can roost and perch.  It is an ultimate bird behavior medication.

The tracks have a patented anti-arcing and glue trough design and it is one of the safest tracks available.  It is effective for both small and larger pest birds.  The tracks are flexible and can bend 360 degrees without compromising the product integrity.  The tracks are often used on company signs where there are letters that have odd shapes.  The track is virtually invisible because the highest point is only 1/4” high.  There are six colors to insure the invisibility factor, clear, grey, stone, black, terracotta and red.  The bird control track is a very low profile bird control product.

The bird control electric track can be used on ledges, rooflines, parapet walls, I-beams, eaves and any flat or curved surface as well as the company signage.  Installation does require a general knowledge of electrical systems.  There are bird control specialists that can help with the installation or can direct you to an authorized installer.

Keeping the building bird free will ensure the safety of those around.  Bird droppings are not only destructive to the building itself, but the droppings harbor disease, parasites, fungus and molds.  The diseases can be transmitted to humans and cause very serious illness.  Bird control is a small investment with a great return.

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