Bird Deterrents for Barn Swallows

Thursday, April 26, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch

get rid of birdsBarn Swallows are often spotted under the eaves or inside of sheds and barns and other structures.  They can be found across most of North America.  If there is mud and an open window, you are inviting them to make their mud nests on your property.

As fun as it may be to watch the swallows in their natural habitat, these so called “natural” nests will permanently stain the structure they are built on.  The accumulation of bird feces is something else that will appear.  The fun is taken away when you have to deal with the mess.

How to keep birds away from home is as easy as installing bird control products.  Installing bird control such as a physical bird deterrent will block the swallow from building their nests.  Hanging lines of clear mono-filament strips is a physical bird deterrent that will block the bird and protect the wall under the eave or overhand.  This is a product specially made to deter the swallow.  The strips are sold as a kit and contain sections of the strips that are 3” wide by 11” long.  Each strip has an adhesive backing and can be easily attached to the structure.  There are also pre-drilled holes so the strips can also be nailed into place.  From the ground, the clear mono-filament sections are virtually invisible.

Another type of bird deterrent is a bird slope.  The slope can be installed under the eaves as well as on ledges, I-beams and window sills.  It will protect against the swallow as well as other pest birds.  The bird slope is made of PVC which is slanted.  This design creates a slippery slope that the birds will not be able to land on. They are sold in kits as well which contain 2 foot long sections of slope, cap ends and a tube of industrial strength glue.  There is 4 feet per box of slope.

Habitat modification using these types of bird control products will keep the pest swallows away.  Remember to install the products prior to the season, before the nests start forming.


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