Bird Deterrents for Barn Swallows

bird deterrentsBarn Swallows are very adaptable birds.  You can find them feeding in fields, parks, roadway edges, marshes, ponds and near coastal waters.  Their nests are very easy to spot.  They build their mud nests under the eaves or inside of sheds, barns, and under bridges and other structures.  Safe and humane bird deterrents are needed for the swallow because they are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act. The Act states that once an egg is in the mud nest, the nest needs to be intact until the fledglings have left the nest. Huge fines can be applied for removing nests that are occupied.

Both the male and female build the nests.  They are unique nest builders as they build their nests on vertical surfaces.  That is why a bird deterrent such as the bird slope would be a great choice in bird control to stop them from building their nests.  The swallows starts building their nest by creating a small shelf-like structure out of their mud and grass mixture.  This gives them an area to land on while they construct the rest of the nest.  Swallows will often time use old nests, if they are still there.

The Slope Bird Deterrent

The bird slope creates a 90 degree angle which makes it impossible for them to land and build their nests.  The slope is also made of a slippery PVC material making it very difficult to land on it without sliding off.

The bird slope is sold in a four foot kit that contains two, two foot long sections of slope, two end caps and one tube of glue. Gluing down the bird slope is easy. If there is any trouble with the installation, there are professionals that can help you with your installation. They might even suggest other types of bird deterrent products such as swallow repellents, swallow bird netting and other bird control products that are on the market and will be effective in deterring the swallow.

The reason you do not want the mud nests on your structures is because they can stain the surface.  The droppings from the swallow are acidic and can damage the surface.  They also harbor disease, bacteria and parasites as well as other bugs that could get inside the buildings spreading transmittable diseases.

It is best to install swallow bird deterrents before they arrive.  This will help with any clean up you might have to do and keep you within the laws concerning migratory birds.


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