Bird Deterrents For Buildings – Three Choices

bird deterrentsBirds love to nest on the buildings, and they will if there are no bird deterrents stopping them.  This means they will invade your business.  The pigeon especially gravitates towards the ledges, gutters and the rooftop.  Bird deterrents are the solution to the pest bird problems.  Using proper bird deterrents will end the property damage that the bird droppings create if the birds are allowed to roost and nest, and droppings are allowed to accumulate.

There are bird control products that will not hurt the feathered opponents.  There are a multitude of bird control products that can be used to deter the birds.  There are three strategies that can be used to combat the bird problems.

Bird Deterrents – Spikes

Bird spikes come in two foot sections and can be placed on any flat or curved surface such as the roof edge or the peaks of the roof.  The bird spikes come in stainless steel spikes or plastic bird spikes.  The plastic spikes come in a variety of colors to match the structures and they are non-conductive, if that is an issue for your business.  They will not interfere with electrical or communication and transmissions.  They are available in different widths as well.  There is a glue trough on the base of the spikes which allows for very quick and easy installation.  They can also be tied or screwed down.  There are even spikes made specifically for the gutters.

Bird Deterrents That Scare

There are very simple and inexpensive devices that can scare the pest birds away.  There are solar bird deterrents that have spinning telescoping stainless steel rods that keep birds away by the movement of the arms.  There are spider-like devices that act similar to the solar bird deterrents.  They have many spindly rods that bounce and move with the breeze.  There are hanging deterrents that use predator markings to create a visual disturbance that scares birds away.  When birds come across visual deterrents, they feel threatened and their natural instincts are to fly away when threatened.

Netting as Bird Deterrents

Bird netting physical blocks the birds from a specific area.  Often times bird netting is used on loading docks.  Netting can also protect roof areas.  It is light weight, long lasting, and easy to install.

With little effort, time or money, your business can be protected from the damaging bird droppings by keeping them away using bird deterrents.

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