Bird Deterrents for Eaves, Canopies and Awnings

get rid of birdsCovered areas around the home such as the eaves, canopies and awnings are the ideal areas for the pest birds to make themselves at home.  Not only do they make themselves at home, but they also invite their friends and family along.

Birds of a feather flock together.  The reason birds flock together is for survival.  Birds do not engage in any type of behavior that does not bring them a benefit for survival in some way.

Birds flock while foraging.  This allows them to take advantage of the same food supply.  Eating in a group gives birds the opportunity to find food that one bird has already located.  Sometimes foraging flocks even consist of mixed species that feed on similar foods.

There are even mating flocks.  The males show off in an attempt to attract a mate. There are flocks that communally nest and roost.  This is the flock to worry about at home.  Protecting the areas that they flock to and nest.  The eaves, canopies and awnings offer protection from the weather elements and predators.

Bird deterrents include bird exclusion products for nesting birds.  Bird netting is a type of bird deterrent that will block out the ability for the bird to roost and nest.

There are different kinds of bird netting.  The netting to use for the eave area is lightweight garden netting.  Although it is lightweight, it is very durable and long lasting.  There are three different mesh sizes to choose from depending on the type of bird, the smaller the bird, the smaller the mesh size.  There is even netting that will get rid of woodpeckers.

Bird spikes when placed correctly will also not allow the birds to land, which means no perching, roosting or nesting.  Plastic bird spikes can be placed on any flat or curved surface of the eaves, canopy or awning.  They can be glued down or screwed into place.  They come in a variety of colors to match the material they are being placed on.

When bird deterrents are installed correctly, they are virtually invisible to all, except the birds.

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