Bird Pest Control for Gregarious Grackles

Get rid of gracklesLike most other birds, Common Grackles come together in huge flocks in late summer and fall.  They wander in search for food.  Grackles are black birds that look a little longer.  They have a taller and longer tail than a typical blackbird.

Grackles walk through lawns and gather high in trees.  They eat anything.  They especially like corn but they will even eat garbage.  They are often seen and heard in large flocks, flying and foraging on lawns and agricultural fields.  They thrive around suburban lawns as well as city parks.  They are resourceful foragers.  They often pick on the smaller birds.

In winter, the Common Grackle nests in places other than their usual tree tops.  They find spaces such as old woodpecker holes, barns and sometimes nests that are occupied by other birds.  These birds are abundant and widespread.

To protect your barns and home crevices, bird pest control is required.  Bird control products such as sound deterrents and visual deterrents are a good choice to deter the pest grackle from your property.

Sound bird deterrents are ideal for dispersing the grackles from high up in the trees and other areas where the large flocks roost.  The sound deterrent is a device that can be programmed to play actual distress and predators calls of over 22 types of birds.  The sounds play every 10 minutes and this is what alerts the bird of danger.  When the grackles hear their predators their natural instinct will be to flee the area.  The sound units work very well in large open spaces like the backyard and it even protects the rooftop of the home and garage.  The units are very easily programmed using the LCD display panel on the unit.  It is made of a very rigid construction with U.V. protected materials making it sun and weather resistant.

Visual bird deterrents also scare the birds away.  There are life-like Red Tailed Hawk decoys that can be placed in the backyard, garden area, rooftop or patio and balcony areas.  This decoy appeals to the bird’s sight and sense of danger, just like the predator calls on the sound deterrent.

Both bird control products are easy and quick to install, making your yard a quick and easy haven for you and the family, leaving out the grackles.

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