Bird Spikes Will Deter Pigeons from Construction Sites

bird spikesThe overall responsibility of a construction site is the general contractors duty.  This includes communicating to all the vendors and trades involved in the course of the construction project.  Bird control measures are now being required on some new construction projects and on many remodels.  This helps ensure the integrity of the construction materials that are being used.  Architects, building engineers and general contractors all work together to ensure that the bird control products chosen do not interrupt the integrity of the design.

Construction sites are in constant battle with the pigeon and gulls.  A physical barrier that would keep the birds at a distance is a bird spike.  Bird spikes stop the larger pest birds such as pigeons from perching on the ledges.  The spikes come in different sizes so that any ledge from narrow to wide will be proficiently treated.  Contractors as well as architects often recommend stainless steel bird spikes.  They have a long guarantee and are patented with the bend & brush design for permanent installation.  They fit any contour and can bend 360 degrees.  They are installed with adhesives or can be screwed down.  The base of the spikes is U.V. protected polycarbonate.  The bend and brush design guarantees that the spikes will not fall out of the base.  When installed correctly, they are virtually invisible and protecting the integrity of the building project, while protecting against the intrusion of pest birds.

Why Bird Deterrents are Needed

Pigeon and other pest birds do not just eat leftover food and leave.  Or they do not just roost and raise their young in nests and leave.  What happens is they leave behind their droppings, which accumulate and create an unsafe environment, not to mention an unsightly one.  The affect of leaving the site untreated with bird control measures can be quite costly and time consuming in repair and clean up.

The messy droppings damage and accelerate the deterioration of buildings, which in turn increases the cost of maintenance.  Bird, pigeons especially, also carry and transmit many diseases; pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis and cryptococcosis to name only a few.  Many diseases can be transmitted to humans.

The general contractor and team working together will ensure a site that is bird free and is able to stay that way once the project is complete.





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