Corrosive Droppings from Pest Birds

pest birdsBusinesses and individuals pay millions of dollars each year in pest bird clean-up expenses, damaged equipment and repairs.  Up to six figures can easily be spent by large industrial facilities combating pest bird issues.  Management needs to understand the importance of implementing a bird control solution which will lower these costs.  There are serious issues associated with pest birds.

Pest Bird Issues – Why Bird Control is Needed

Birds are destructive to products, property and equipment.  Their interference in the work place endangers workers and themselves.  The birds can become entangled in machinery, causing fires, blocking ventilation ducts, ruining rooftops, pecking holes in utility poles and causing power lines to come tumbling down.  Birds are even known to cause fatal bird strikes at airports.

Bird droppings are very corrosive and can cause irreversible damage.  The droppings deface walkways, walls, rooftops, equipment and vehicles.  The corrosive nature of the droppings can cause structural failure.  They eat away at paint, concrete, wood and most metals.

Birds are also known to carry over sixty transmittable diseases.  The droppings are one way to spread the diseases.  The fecal dust is inhaled and the fungal spores that are breathed in can cause serious illnesses in humans. Also, the droppings and nests harbor over 60 kinds of ectoparasites including mites and bed bugs.

There are many types of bird control methods that will deter the birds from the area.  Bird netting is used often in large warehouses where the birds get in and roost up on the beams.  Bird netting can also be used in the loading dock area where birds tend to gravitate towards.

Bird spikes are another form of bird control that will keep the birds from landing where they are installed.  They can be applied to any flat or curved surface, including the company sign.  Pigeons are notorious pests and will try and make themselves very comfortable on your building.

Liability is always an issue at every work site.  Bird droppings are not only unsightly, unsanitary and damaging, but the fresh droppings on walking surfaces create a very slippery area.  Many slip and fall accidents are reported each year where the fresh droppings are the cause.  Keeping the business bird free will also keep the fines and citations away which OSHA and USDA give out for bird mess issues.

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