Effective and Humane Goose Control

goose controlEffective goose control is much needed.  Every year thousands of dollars is used in clean up and repairs from what the pest bird droppings destroy.  If the areas such as a park, airport and golf course are not covered by goose control measures, large flocks of geese will often lay claim to the area, and this means leaving disease-carrying droppings in their wake.  The droppings will contaminate the ponds, lakes and any other body of water.  They will also leave the area unsightly and unsanitary.  Geese graze on the grassy areas and shrubs and they will destroy the area.  Geese are drawn to large inland bodies of water, and that is why they are attracted to parks and golf courses.

Most airports are also near large areas of land that usually have bodies of water.  Geese cause other hazards around an airport, causing major damage to engines and props.  Collisions are potentially lethal between the airplane and geese.  There are many bird strikes reported each year.  Not all develop into catastrophes, but some do.

Most species of geese are protected by federal and local statutes, so only non-lethal goose deterrents can be used against them. Below are some of the most effective and humane goose control methods that are often used.

Sound Goose Deterrent

Using sound to scare pests exploits the goose's natural fear of predators.  Sonic bird deterrents scare geese off with sounds of distress and predator calls. They are most effective when they are strategically positioned in open spaces.  They can work day and night, and are easily programmed.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

Sprinklers deliver a vigorous blast of water when wandering geese approach the radius of detection. The sudden blast of water, startling sprinkler sound and realistic looking bird-like moving head delivers an aggressive message to pest geese. The sprinkler simply connects to a garden hose, yet uses just 2 to 3 cups of water per spray. It covers approximately 1,200 square feet with a stream that reaches out 35 feet and 45 feet wide. The sprinkler works day and night for up to 6 months (over 1,000 'bursts") on a single 9-volt battery. For added flexibility, you can fine-tune both the sprinkler's sensitivity and spray distance. They are perfect for keeping geese out of the area.

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