Get rid of Swallows from your Office Buildings

get rid of swallowsThe conflict with swallows occurs when the swallows nest close to humans and their droppings and other debris are prevalent.  Swallows are federally protected, so lethal bird control is not an option.  Nests can be removed when the nests are completely empty.  It is important to remove the nests when possible, because the swallow will come back to its same nest, or quite often other birds will use the nest.

Whereas many people may enjoy watching the swallows build their nests and the activity surrounding them, a commercial building is not the place for this to occur.  Swallows have very messy mud nests and their droppings can be quite a mess as well.  Not a nice visual for a company’s reputation.  It is important to create a swallow control plan so that the nests do not even begin being built.

Swallow Control Barriers

Creating a barrier is one way you can be sure that they are unable to build their nests, and they will fly away and find another location.  Bird netting and bird slopes are both methods that create a barrier so the swallow will not build its nasty nest on the commercial building.  A technique to use with the bird netting is to hang the netting from the eave.  The netting should be 3 to 4 inches from the wall and extend down about 18 inches.  You do not have to worry that the public will see all the netting.  When installed correctly it is virtually invisible from the ground.  The area under the eaves is usually shaded and the netting will get obscured by the shadows.

The bird slope is a unique design that creates a 90-degree area that makes it impossible for the birds to land on.  The slopes are made from a UV protected PVC plastic.  It is ideal for the eaves area and can also be applied to ledges and beams.

The swallows will need to find another location if bird netting and bird slopes are installed on the building.

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