Goodbye Birds – Bird Control is in Action

bird controlNormal wear and tear on a property is an expected occurrence.  Building owners and facility managers anticipate a certain amount of damage to occur each year, and usually there is a line in the budget for this projected expense.  Often times, however, facility managers may not think about the bird damage and the liability caused by a pest bird infestation.  You do not have a lot of control over the normal wear and tear, but you do have control over the pest bird problem and you can get rid of pigeons and other birds from your property.

Pigeons and other pest birds can be very messy.  They leave their droppings all over the rooftops, walls, and windowsills and their droppings can even fall on very expensive equipment.  The droppings contaminate water sources and droppings and nesting materials can clog vents.  Walkways are an issue with fresh new droppings.  They are often the cause of slip and fall accidents.  This is a huge liability that needs to be forefront and taken care of immediately.  Droppings are also very acidic and because of the acidity they can be corrosive and cause irreversible damage to the equipment and any other surface they land on.

Get rid of Pest Birds with Bird Control

The most successful way to get rid of pest birds is with a combined approach including bird deterrents.  Eco-friendly and humane products that are safe for everything is the perfect bird control solution.  Facility managers have many products to select from including bird netting, bird spikes, visual deterrents and sonic devices that will scare the birds away.

Your company’s reputation is at stake.  Also investing in bird control will save time and money without having to have the added personnel to clean up and repair the damage the pest birds are sure to accomplish if they are allowed to linger.

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