How to Keep Pigeons off of City Buildings

keep pigeons offProperty damage is often times due to the pigeon and their poop.  They thrive in the city.  There is readily available food, water and shelter everywhere they turn.  There are also fewer predators for them to be worried about.  They will choose to roost and nest just about everywhere including rooftops, ledges, bridges, warehouses and any signage on the building and can easily do so when there is no bird control to stop the pigeon.  All their options are substitutes for their natural ledges in the sides of cliffs.  The feral pigeons are derived from domestic pigeons which were originally bred from the wild Rock Dove, which are natural inhabitants of sea-cliffs and mountains.  That is why city life is so inviting to them, with all the architectural nuances on the structures that are substitutes for their natural ledges in cliffs.

They can be quite a nuisance when they arrive in large flocks.  Each pigeon will drop about 25 pounds of poop per year, so it is easy to imagine a flock of birds that are not discouraged with any type of pigeon deterrent and the amount of droppings that can accumulate.

Pigeon droppings are not only unsightly and messy, but they are very unsanitary.  This creates a big problem if they get inside warehouses or they roost and nest on the buildings where there is an abundance of human traffic.  Bird poop is very acidic and will permanently stain and eat through most surfaces, including most metals.  Machinery, signs, statues are all at risk when the birds are allowed to use these areas as their resting spots.  The droppings also harbor diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Bird Deterrent Spikes

There are safe and humane pigeon control methods on the market that can eliminate the pest bird problem and help get rid of pigeons.   Bird spikes are a very effective bird deterrent that creates a barrier between the pigeon and the surface to keep pigeons off the buildings. Bird spikes can protect rooftops, under eaves, beams and rafters and window sills.  The U.V. protected polycarbonate plastic bird spikes would be a good solution.  They come in different colors and can match most structures they are applied to.  It is imperative to install the spikes correctly because pigeons are very intelligent and they will try and find a way to sneak around the strips of spikes.  There are authorized bird control product installers that can help you determine your specific needs as well as help with installations.


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