Protecting Home Roofs from Pest Bird Damage

get rid of birdsThe pest birds that most often come into contact and conflict with humans are sparrows, pigeons and starlings.  When they decide to nest and roost on your roof, problems will arise if left untreated.  Sparrows, pigeons and starlings are very messy when they are making their nests.  They can spread out over several feet interfering with the chimney pipes and vents that are on the roof.  It can be easy to spot if the pest birds have gotten a start on their nest building; protruding sticks and other debris, along with bird droppings.  Sparrows are known to enter hidden away areas like broken roof tiles and can fit into an area the size of an egg.

There are health hazards that go along with pest bird droppings.   If chimneys and vents become blocked by the pest bird debris, it hinders the proper exhausting of carbon monoxide and moisture.  This would cause both carbon monoxide build-up and mould which are both highly dangerous conditions to live around.  Carbon monoxide in the home is even deadly.  Fleas, mites and ticks are also commonly found in the bird droppings.  Inhaling the spores that are released when the bird dropping and nests are disturbed can cause very dangerous conditions such as histoplasmosis.  Histoplasmosis is an infection that can vary in symptoms and seriousness.  It usually affects the lungs.  The lung infection can be short-term to chronic.  Eliminating pest bird poop is serious business and is an issue that should not be dismissed.

Compared to the consequences of not protecting your home from pest birds, bird control is cost and health effective.  Bird deterrent netting is one effective way to keep birds away.  It is a physical barrier that blocks birds from entering an area.  Today’s bird netting is durable and lasts for several seasons.  This one-time installation can save you lots of money in the long run by not having to replace your roof or siding which could become corroded from the acidic and corrosive bird droppings.  When installed properly, it is virtually invisible from the ground.

Bird spikes will deter the larger pest bird, such as the pigeon, from landing on the roof.  The spikes are blunted on the end, so installation by the average homeowner is simply a weekend project.  The bird deterrent spikes can be used just about anywhere and require very little maintenance.  They can be applied to the ledge of the roof, all the way up to the roof peak.  Plastic bird spikes are extremely durable and tough.  The U.V. protection lengthens the life the bird spikes and allows the endurance of the spikes through extreme weather conditions.  The plastic bird spikes come in a variety of colors to blend in with the color scheme and design of the home.

There is a spider like bird deterrent that can be placed on the roof as well.  They are ideal for skylights.  The unit has spider like arms that move in the breeze.  The bird spider comes in different sizes, from 2’ to 8’.  They are easy to bolt down.  They create a commotion zone for the bird.  The birds will be frightened and not want to come near the movement of the arms bouncing in the breeze. They simply fly away to find a more comfortable place to land.

Bird proofing your home, and especially your roof, is an investment that will last many seasons and pay off in more ways than can even be counted.  A safe home is what every home owner deserves.

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