Protecting Your Tomatoes from Pest Birds

bird control for gardensLiving a more sustainable life is very rewarding.   Home gardening is becoming more prevalent because of the incursion of sustainable living.  Sustainable living is simply an attempt to provide the best outcomes for humans and natural environments, both now and the indefinite future.  It relates to how humans live with the non-human environment harmoniously.

Starting in our own backyard, there are many ways to initiate that strive we have to live the sustainable lifestyle.  When it comes to gardening, there are many eco-friendly products and ways in obtaining that balance of living cleanly with our environment.  There are natural weed control products to watering methods or recycled garden beds.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular grown plants in the average backyard garden.  There is no tomato you can buy that tastes as good as that home grown, vine ripened sweet tomato.  They are challenging to grow but when done successfully, the outcome is very fruitful!  There are many tips, from the soil up, of how to tend to this quirky plant.  Sometimes it is forgotten that we also have to look from the sky down as to what will help the plants grow.  Sunshine is a needed element to a healthy plant.  Pest birds are not!  Many gardeners have invested time and money into their precious tomato plants only to find one day that the birds have enjoyed the plunder first!  How do we live harmoniously with these thieves?  What would a sustainable bird control product consist of?

One option would be a physical bird deterrent such as bird control netting.  The bird netting acts as a barrier between your tomato plants and the pest bird.  Blocking the pest bird from the plant is not hurting the bird or environment; it is simply encouraging the nuisance birds to find another source of food.    Strong and lightweight bird netting is easily installed by a novice backyard gardener to the professional vineyard keeper.  Whether you are having problems with the smaller sparrow and the big black crows, the bird netting comes in various mesh sizes to deter the various size backyard birds.  More than likely you are growing various fruit and vegetable plants other than your tomatoes, and the bird netting will accommodate those needs as well.

Humane treatment, even of pest birds, is an important element of sustainable living.  All birds have some positive element to our environment.  We do not have to give them free reign in our back yard gardens, however.  There are plenty of backyards that house birdhouses and bird baths for our feathered friends.  There is no reason to feel badly about getting rid of the backyard pest bird.  They are resourceful creatures and will find food and water without problem.  Feel positive about the humane bird control system in your garden.  Sit back and watch those tomatoes turn bright red without any birds pecking out the sweetness first!  Enjoy your summer and live harmoniously with nature.

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