Red Tailed Hawk is Scarier than a Bird Deterrent Owl

bird deterrent owlRed Tailed Hawks are scarier than a bird deterrent owl because the hawk hunts for its prey day and night.  This makes the hawk a more identifiable predator.  The hawks are often seen souring high in wide circles.  Their wing beats are heavy when flapping.  Often times they face into the wind and hover without flapping, their eyes fixed on the ground, legs outstretched ready for the slow attack.  It is also known to perch on fence posts, trees, and along edges.

No need for Bird Deterrent Owl

There is no need for a bird deterrent owl when you can use a hawk decoy.  Placing the hawk decoy strategically on a fence, or on a post in the garden or the edge of the patio overhang will frighten the pest birds away.

Hawk decoys are very life-like and made of durable plastic since they are made for outdoor use.  They are easy to mount and display and are effective for both large and small pest birds.

Some bird control methods are only effective for large pest birds.  Bird spikes, for instance, only block the large pest birds such as pigeons and gulls from landing.  Using two different bird control methods at one time is a good idea.  Birds are very intelligent creatures and could get use to the bird control product if only one method is used.  Bird spikes are ideal for rooftops.  This is where the pest birds will naturally gravitate too, since it gives them a high vantage point to view the yard.

There are other visual bird deterrents that could be used along with the hawk decoy.  There is flash tape that is shiny and reflective and moves in the breeze.  The material of the tape and the crinkling sound it makes frightens the birds away.  There are also diverters and scare balloons with predator markings that keep the birds flying away.

Visual and sound bird deterrents are safe and humane.  There will be no harm done to the birds and it is safe for residential use.


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