School Yards Need Bird Pest Control

keep bird off school yardsSchool custodians and University maintenance teams have their work cut out for them.  Not only is there destruction from students and trash to pick up, but there are buildings to protect.  Pest birds are a large problem in schools.  Wherever there are people eating, there will be pest birds.  Birds are foragers by nature, so human trash is a gourmet meal to the birds.

Birds are also very smart creatures.  They get use to routine and remember when the trash truck comes or when regular events take place.  Most schools have cut down on their indoor cafeterias, so most students are eating outside on benches these days.  Foods dropped on the ground and thrown in lidless bins are a huge attraction for the pest bird.

While perching in wait, they are up on the rooftops, trees, light poles and any structure with a birds’ eye view of the school yard.  What is happening is while the bird is perching, they are dropping fecal matter wherever they are at.  Over a period of time, there can be a lot of matter to clean up.  If not cleaned up, it can stain and even eat through the many structures that are found on the school grounds including wood, cement, tile and even steel.

Every year millions of dollars is spent on the clean-up and repair that the pest bird causes with their droppings.  Time and energy is spent on clean-up to keep everyone safe.  Bird droppings are known to carry over 60 transmittable diseases such as ecoli and salmonella.  This is a liability that schools do not need.

Bird control products such as bird spikes and bird slopes can be installed to discourage the pest birds from hanging around.  If they cannot perch and roost comfortably, they will leave the area and find another location.

Bird spikes are a physical bird deterrent that can be placed on rooflines, ledges and tops of light polls.  Bird slopes can be placed under eaves where the birds are known to nest and roost.  By installing proper bird control products, this will effectively keep birds away from the school yard.

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