Spring Bird Control – Here Come the Geese

Get rid of geeseSpringtime rolls around every year.  This means as seasons change, the birds begin to arrive chirping in our yards.  Not only do they chirp, but also they look for mates, build nests, raise their young and then fly into the winter until springtime rolls around again.

Canada Geese start the process in early springtime.  In North American, geese are becoming increasingly more common.  With all the beautiful lawns, parks, and large backyards, geese are seen as a nuisance, goose control is essential, especially if there is a water source nearby.  Geese build their nests on the ground out of twigs, bark and grass, and they tend to flock back to the location where they were born.

Before they arrive back is the time to implement goose control.  Goose control can consist of a combination of visual deterrents and sounds deterrents.  Both of these forms of goose control will not harm the bird in any way just scare them away.  It is also necessary to change up the deterrents from time to time so that the nuisance geese do not get too use to any particular product.

Predator eye balloons and diverters are visual goose deterrent that can be placed around the property.  The predator eye balloon frightens the geese and other pest birds away with its shiny reflective surface as well as the design that looks like a predator’s eye.  The movement and the design get rid of geese by making them fly away in fear.

Bird diverters do the same thing but they are a different shape.  Bird diverters are a little more un-assuming bird control product, but gets the job done.  The design on the side is, again, a mock predator eye that frightens and gets rid of geese, making it a goose repellent.

Sound goose deterrents work well in very large places.  The sound deterrent units are programmed to play goose distress calls and predator calls every few minutes to alert the geese of danger.  When the geese hear the warnings, their natural instincts tell them to flee the area. Geese deterrents work well, especially the sound goose deterrents.

Springtime will arrive, but the geese will leave.



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