How to Keep Herons/Cranes from Eating Fish Out of Your Pond

protect pond fishIt’s a sad but often repeated tale. Homeowners with attractive new ponds often find their beautiful fish either missing or dismembered. One homeowner lost a number of fish to Herons–as many as 100 or so Koi and Goldfish. The Blue Herons’ color makes them difficult to see against many types of landscaping. The homeowner tried using his dog to scare the Herons away, but the birds simply returned when the dog and homeowner went into the house. The Herons would hang around until right after dark, patiently waiting for the opportune time to strike.

Some frustrated pond owners have resorted to shooting the birds, but that’s illegal. So is poisoning the birds. And trapping them can get complicated, since the big birds often injure themselves trying to escape. Besides, getting rid of one bird is no guarantee another one won’t show up to take its place.

There are things you can do to limit the bird damage. You can add floating vegetation and underwater structures for fish to hide under. You can also provide enough water depth in the pond to keep fish out of “beak range.”  But the surest way to keep fish safe form Herons and Cranes is to make your pond bird-proof. Here’s what the bird control experts at Bird-B-Gone recommend:

Bird-B-Gone Pond Defender™ 

Easy to set up and use, Bird-B-Gone’s Pond Defender™ gives your fish a safe hiding place that’s out of reach of Herons and Cranes. The 12 interlocking plastic discs float just below the surface of your pond or water garden. The aesthetic geometric shape effectively blocks out fish predators like long beaked Herons or Cranes. The discs can be arranged to fit virtually any shape pond or water garden. For optimum protection, you can use two rows of Pond Defender discs to prevent large birds from reaching down and harming your fish. The discs are also easily removed for cleaning. The Pond Defender is ruggedly designed and formed from a UV- protected plastic (polypropylene). Your underwater plants will grow right through its geometric openings.

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