Bird Control when Mockingbirds Attack

If you’ve ever been attacked by mockingbirds, better wear a disguise to avoid another attack, for they can remember your face and go after you if they perceive you as a threat. According to some scientists, the grey-and-white birds, often found in cities and other urban areas, can distinguish between different people. Unless you implement effective bird control measures, they will dive bomb you if you’ve threatened them in the past.
The clever mockingbirds essentially have a sort of built-in “face recognition” ability. They will screech, dive bomb and even graze the top of your head while ignoring those standing next to you. Scientists tested this recognition theory by having volunteers touch the edges of mockingbird nests for several days in a row. The birds attacked the familiar volunteers but ignored any new volunteers who approached the nests. Scientists concluded that the mocking birds needed just 60 seconds to learn to identify different individuals–threats from non-threats. Bird control can help keep these and other birds from nesting on your property, thus saving you from possible attack.
Aside from attacking people, birds can cause all sorts of problems. They deface and destroy private and public property. And their droppings carry any of 60 diseases.
Fortunately, today’s bird-control measures are up to the task. They are both humane and effective. And they deter and repel virtually all species of birds.
To deter smart birds like mockingbirds, one of the most effective bird control devices is the Sonic Bird Repeller. These devices have been specially designed to tap into a bird’s natural fear of predators. They emit a variety of distress and predator calls, in addition to various irritating sounds. The sounds are broadcast through special generating units to cover up to 40 acres.
To ensure on-going bird control, the best sonic repellers will continually alter the pitch, frequency, timing and intensity of their sounds. This keeps the implied “threat” fresh and prevents pest birds from getting used to repetitive sounds. Other sonic systems exploit the fact that some birds respond only to really loud sounds, so they emit “enemy” bird screeches at ear-piercing120 decibels–about as loud as a jet engine. One popular sonic system emits distress and predator calls for as many as 22 types of birds. Such a system would be ideal if you’re being pestered by a number of different birds.
To physically exclude birds from a location, there’s Bird Netting. This barrier bird control measure has been highly effective in keeping pest birds out of atriums, orchards, vineyards and other open areas. You can now get bird netting in various mesh sizes–from 3/4- to 2-inch mesh. The netting won’t harm birds and also comes in various types, depending on the application. Better netting is U.V. stabilized, flame resistant and rot- and water-proof.


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