Bird Pest Control for Peacocks and other Big Birds

Wild Peacocks recently invaded a Cape Canaveral neighborhood, causing damage, creating traffic problems, and acting like they owned the place. The messy pest birds–as many as 60–wandered the streets and yards, doing considerable damage to the 42 homes in the Ocean Gardens community off Atlantic Avenue. Some birds dug up plants and scratched cars; some lit on top of houses, damaging roofs and skylights; and still others attacked screened-in porches, turning them into "Swiss cheese." One Peacock literally ripped off the screen with its claws. 
Lacking any bird pest control measures, the neighborhood suffered as the noisy birds squawked all night long. They created traffic hazards by crossing the road whenever they felt like it–especially during early morning or evening commute hours. Particularly irksome to owners of dark-colored vehicles was the birds’ habit of pecking and scratching at their reflection, since they saw it as another peacock trying to take over their territory during mating season. 
This peacock-besieged community could have benefited from some effective bird pest control
Perhaps the most economical of bird pest control products is the Bird Scare Device. These consist of reflective foils, tape banners and balloons. Most banners and tape produce sounds in the breeze that are really annoying to pest birds. Balloons most often have a large predator eye to intimidate birds. 
For small properties, there’s the Scarecrow. This bird pest control device is rather unique in that it features a motion-activated sprinkler that turns on whenever it senses a bird within a certain radius. Scarecrows are ideal for gardens, backyards, pools/spas and other outdoor areas where bird pests tend to gather. No peacock could have come near this bad boy and stayed to squawk about it. 
Another highly useful bird pest control device that would have kept peacocks and any large bird off roofs is the Mega Spike. They simply would not have been able to negotiate a landing around the 7-inch porcupine-looking spikes. Some bird spikes even come in different colors to match a building’s aesthetics. You can also get the Gutter Spike to keep big pest birds from nesting in your gutters. 
To redirect an army of pest birds like peacocks and keep them away, there are Bird Foggers and Misters. These bird pest control devices spray an irritating mist into an area, and once they sniff this stuff, it’s adios pest birds.  The chemical used by these devices is a food-grade methyl anthranilate, a grape extract that won’t harm birds, pets or people. Some foggers and misters feature timers and multiple nozzles to let you control the direction and time of each chemical spray. 
Finally, there’s the barrier bird pest control solution, Bird Netting, which comes in several mesh sizes to keep out all manner of pest birds, including peacocks.


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  1. Barry

    I have a peacock issue in my neighborhood the guy down the street will do anything about it. I have poop all over my driveway they keep us up all night long. Is there anything that I can do about this nuisance?


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