Got Wild Turkeys? Get Bird Deterrents

bird deterrentsWild turkeys have been known to be very aggressive and will chase kids at parks and on their way to school. They’ll even go after U.S. mail carriers and run after cars. They’re messy, loud and leave droppings everywhere. And they often wander into suburbs and other populated areas.

Fortunately, there are several humane and effective bird deterrents one can use to discourage these big birds from hanging around. These include:

The Scarecrow—Wild turkeys hate this bird deterrent with a passion. Basically, a motion activated sprinkler, the sudden water blast, startling sound and realistic looking bird-like moving head “persuade” them to flee. Ideal for yards, parks, pools, ponds or any outdoor area, Scarecrows easily connect to your garden hose and cover approximately 1,200 square feet with a stream that reaches out 35 feet and 45 feet wide.
Bird Netting--To keep wild turkeys from invading specific areas of your property, there’s Bird Netting. This bird deterrent comes in a variety of types and mesh sizes–for larger birds like turkeys or seagulls, a 1-1/8-inch to 2-inch mesh size is ideal.  The best netting is U.V.-stabilized, flame resistant, rot- and water-proof and meets ISO 1806 protocols. Bird proof netting even comes in a variety of different colors–including white, stone and black to blend in better with its surroundings.
Solar Bird Repellers–Here’s a bird deterrent that’s powered by the sun! These solar powered bird control devices feature continuously rotating arms that whisk away large pest birds like turkeys, gulls, pigeons, and crows, cormorants and vultures. The two adjustable “arms” cover up to 5 feet in diameter by turning continuously at 30 RPMs. Solar Bird Repellers are completely portable, so you can move them around where they’re needed most. Best of all, they run on the sun or batteries during the night or overcast days.


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