Cover Rooftop with Bird Control to Keep Birds Off

Monday, January 13, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch

bird controlRooftop damage to a homeowner or business owner usually means a water leak, or shingles or tiles coming loose and even damage caused by winds, rain, fire or overgrown trees before the thought of lack of bird control being the cause.  The rooftop can be damaged by pest birds.  Millions of dollars is spent each and every year on pest bird damage.  Pest bird control is an easy solution and very cost effective in maintaining the condition of your rooftop.

When bird droppings accumulate on the rooftop, it is not only disgusting to think about and look at, or your neighbors to look at, but they are very damaging.  Bird droppings are very acidic and harbor disease, molds, fungus and parasites.  Many of the diseases can be transmitted to humans.  Droppings and nesting materials are also detrimental to the chimney and ventilation systems.  They can become clogged and the bacteria and disease can get into the ventilation.

Bird Control to the Rescue

What bird control means on the rooftop is creating an uncomfortable environment for the birds to land and roost or nest.  Birds will often time fly to the same places each year to roost and nest.  But if you have disrupted their cycle, they will be forced to find another place to land.  Be watchful when they leave, and install bird control before they come back.

Make sure the area is clean before any installation of bird control products begins.  Use an industrial strength, hospital grade disinfectant as this will wipe out the bacteria that the birds have left behind.

Physical bird deterrents such as bird spikes and solar repellers will stop birds from landing on the area.  Bird spikes create an uncomfortable, if not impossible, area for the larger pest birds to land.  The blunted spikes make an uneven surface and they cannot ruffle their feathers at all and land comfortably. 

Solar repellers use motion to scare away large pest birds.  The larger pest birds include pigeons, seagulls and crows.  The solar repeller has a 5’ telescoping rod that spins continuously to “sweep” the birds off the rooftop.  They can also be placed on skylights and chimney caps.

Bird control products such as bird spikes and solar repellers will keep your rooftop bird free, which means damage free. 

Winterizing with Quick and Efficient Bird Repellents

Friday, December 20, 2013 by Kathy Fritsch

bird repellentsThere will either be only a few things to do around the home to get ready for winter or a long list of “to do’s” depending on what part of the country you live in.  But everyone has something in common, and that is the need to winterize the home from pest birds using bird repellents.  In all areas, with summer over, people move inside, functions move inside and the yards and all outdoor areas are the bird’s free reign now without much interference from backyard barbeques and parties.   As people hunker down inside a nice cozy home, the birds, too, hunker down in a nice warm, out of the weather roosting area that they find around your home.  Birds will begin to winterize themselves by storing body fat that will be necessary for their survival.  Winterizing the home with bird repellents will keep the birds from roosting on your home.

Do not feel sympathetic for the bird, as they will find a place elsewhere no matter what you do to your home.  Birds survive.  They can just survive somewhere else besides your home.  The reason you want to make sure to install effective bird repellents is because pest birds roost in large numbers.  And large numbers literally on your home or other structures around the home means large amounts of the bird’s droppings accumulating on the buildings.  Droppings are hazardous to your health as they harbor disease, parasites, molds and bugs.  Another damaging affect the droppings have is that they are very caustic and will eat through most materials they accumulate on.  The acidity can even damage metals, let alone paint, wood and canvas.

Implementing Bird Repellents

Bird repellents like bird spikes are a great bird control product that will deter larger pest birds such as the crows, seagulls and pigeons.  Bird spikes can be placed on windowsills, rooftops, under eaves and on beams.  They are ideal for any curved or flat surface.  Bird spikes can be screwed or glued down to most surfaces.  The spikes form an irregular surface that the birds do not like.  The edges of the spikes are blunted so there is no harm done to the bird or the person installing the bird repellent spikes.

There are also bird repellent devices that have a telescoping rod that spins continuously to “sweep” the large birds away with its movement.  This bird control device does not harm the birds either; it is the motion of the rod that will keep birds from landing.  This is an ideal bird repellent that works well in areas such as skylights, chimney caps, A.C. units and roofs.

Bird netting is a bird repellent that can be used to guard against the smaller pest birds.  Bird netting is one of the most effective bird repellents available.  It creates a bird barrier that that cannot get past.

Winterizing should be done on the home, do not leave it for the birds.

Unique and Cleverly Designed Solar Bird Repeller

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 by Kathy Fritsch

solar bird repellerThere is a very unique and effective bird control product that will keep birds off of rooftops, A/C units and any other flat surfaces around the yard.  The solar bird repeller is effective continuously, day or night.  It is the perfect bird control product to repel pigeons, seagulls, crows and any other large pest birds that are at risk of invading your property.

Be Proactive in Installing a Solar Bird Repeller

It is always advised to implement a solar bird repeller or any bird control method before there is a pest bird problem.  Being on the offense will save you hours of clean-up and thousands of dollars is damage.  Every year home owners spend thousands of dollars cleaning up and repairing and replacing what the bird’s droppings have ruined.  Bird droppings are very acidic.  They eat away at many substrates, especially tar-based rooftops.  If the pest birds perch or roost on the A/C units or other equipment, they can do great damage.

If they are allowed to get into chimneys and ventilation systems, they can spread diseases through the system and block airflow.  This can have terrible consequences.  There are over 60 known types of infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans.  Histoplasmosis, for instance, is one that can be transmitted when the dried bird droppings are disturbed, and the spores are releases and come in contact with someone’s eyes, nose or mouth.  There are also over 40 types of parasites that the droppings and nests harbor.

Setting up a solar bird repeller is simple.  It is very easy to install and operate.  There are two metal rods, the “arms” that attach to the base of the unit.  They are just screwed in tight. The hardware is provided with the solar bird repeller.  There are Mylar streamers that can be attached to the telescoping rods.  However, even without the streamers, this bird control product is highly effective.  The solar bird repeller does need to be fully charged for at least 8 hours to be fully effective.

The rods, or “arms” will continuously spin and will frighten the birds away by the movement.  The pest birds will want to avoid wherever this bird control method is placed.   Spend a minimal amount of money to save yourself thousands in the long run.  Not only is this a clever way to rid your home of pest birds, but also the solar bird repeller is safe and humane.





Bird Repellent Products Keep Birds Away

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 by Kathy Fritsch

Why You Need Bird Repellent Products

bird repellentThe reason a bird repellent is needed in the first place is because the birds have become a problem.  Birds become pest birds when they interfere and cause damage and messes where humans congregate.  Birds love to gather together, too.  When people gather together, as in a backyard picnic, the birds will flock to the location as well.  People will drop bits of food, often times purposefully feeding the birds in the yard.  Birds are smart and they have a memory that will keep them coming back for more. 

When the birds find a lucrative food source, they will roost and nest in the area.  The reason you do not want them sticking around is because they will poop all over your yard, on your patio furniture, in your pool and hot tubs and on your fences.  If the birds have access to the vents on top of the home they can even get inside your home.  Rooftops are a good area to implement a bird repellent.

There is a solar bird repellent that will work for you day and night, and will be in constant motion to keep sweeping the pest birds away.  This solar powered bird repellent uses motion to scare the pigeons, seagulls and crows away.  It can be placed on the rooftop, the chimney cap or skylights. 

How it works is that the bird repellent has two telescoping 2.5-foot “arms” mounted above a unit that spins continuously.  The movement scares the birds and also prevents them from landing because the “arm” will sweep them away. 

This type or bird repellent is portable and is also very lightweight and easy to mount. It can be mounted on any flat or angled surface.  It uses 2-AA rechargeable batteries for the dark periods, but when there is sun, it is operated on solar power.

It is a very economical and simple way to keep birds off the rooftops.  Because they are so portable and lightweight and simple to use, you often see them on swim platforms and on boats.

Where birds and people collide, some type of bird repellent should be in place.  This eliminates the health hazards of the bird’s droppings and keeps the area free from the acidic droppings that can stain and eat through most surfaces.

Winter is Around the Corner – Boat Deterrents Needed

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by Kathy Fritsch

get rid of birdsFor the avid boater, this is a sad time of year.  Many people are taking their boats out for the last run before winter totally envelops them.  In the Northern Hemisphere, many people have already hauled and stored their boats for the winter.  But for the remainder of people who leave their boats in the water, and occasionally put on their wool sweaters and jackets and face the waters in autumn and winter, bird deterrents are needed more than ever.

Days are shorter, nights are longer and the roosting bird has more time to do damage on the surface of the boat.  Less human activity around the boats leaves more time for the birds.  This means more bird droppings and a faster and larger accumulation of their nasty droppings.

Cormorants, seagulls and pigeons will land on your boat and their droppings will be all over.  The droppings have the potential of ruining the masts, spreaders and canvases.   Starting a bird deterrent plan will save lots of money in the long run and lots of time at the beginning of the next active boating season.

Bird spikes can be used on the spreaders, masts and the antenna’s to keep the birds from landing on these areas.  They are very easily installed using zip ties so that they can be store away when taking the vessel out.  The marina will often have bird spikes on their roof ledge and any other flat or curved surface that the large pest birds like to land on.

Spider-like physical bird deterrents are ideal for protecting the canvas, masts and Biminis.  The spider-like deterrent rotates 360 degrees in the wind and this, too, prevents the larger pest birds from landing.  The “arms” bounce and sway which creates a optical distraction that frightens the birds away.  They come in various sizes from the arms being 2” diameter to 8” diameter.  There are optional mounting bases including a rail mount and sand bag base.  The optional bases make the Bird Spider very versatile.

Visual deterrents are always a great addition to other bird repellent products such as the spikes and spiders.  The scare diverters and balloons have a reflective foil eye that causes a diversion and the birds will fly away from it.  Both visual bird deterrents have a very shiny surface and with the foil eye and the movement, along with the physical deterrents, they will be happy to fly on by and find another boat to land on.

Keep Birds Off Boats in Winter with Repeller 360°™

Sunday, October 6, 2013 by Ashley Johnson

keep birds off boatsAs you pack up your boat for winter, remember that while you are gone during the colder months, birds may still use your boat for landing, roosting and nesting. To ensure larger birds, like crows, seagulls, pigeons, raptors and cormorants, do not ruin your canopies, canvas, or railing, it’s important to install bird deterrent products that will keep birds off your boat during fall and winter months.

The Repeller 360° is perfect bird deterrent for boats, docks, canvas, light posts, air conditioning units, signs, rooftops and many other areas that are small in diameter, made of unique materials or on slanted areas. Made of durable stainless steel, the Repeller 360° is attached to a UV protected polycarbonate base that spins continuously in the wind. The arms extend up to 6 ft. in diameter and have a reflective predator eye at each end. As the Repeller 360° turns, the constant movement creates confusion and the predator eye scares birds, causing them to avoid the area.

The Repeller 360° locks into place with a patent pending clip to prevent loss in high winds. It is very easy to install and you can choose from a variety of bases, including the sandbag base, boat base or railing mount, to secure your Repeller 360° where it is needed to keep birds away.

The Repeller 360° is manufactured in the USA!

Top 3 Bird Control Devices for the Solar Panel Industry

Sunday, July 14, 2013 by Fran Prisco

stop pest birds from landingIf you install or maintain residential or commercial rooftop solar panels, you’ve learned by now that birds can not only lower the efficiency of solar panels but actually damage them. That’s because, left to gather, bird droppings will block sunlight, and the acid in these droppings will eat into the surface of solar panels, causing permanent deterioration.

While most of your customers may not be thinking about bird damage when having solar panels installed, deterring birds from your product after you leave can mean the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied one. All the more reason for you to consider adding bird control devices to your solar installation jobs.

Today’s bird control experts have a variety of effective bird proofing strategies you can implement to keep solar panel installations functioning at their peak level. Here are three devices you should consider adding to your installations:

  1. Bird Spikes. Easy to install using screws, glue or tie-downs, Bird Spikes won’t allow birds—especially large birds—to perch or roost anywhere near your solar panels. Choose rigid UV-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate spikes or high strength, durable stainless steel spikes. They won’t harm birds or installation crews because the spikes are blunted at the tips. The steel spikes come in 1-, 3-, 5- and 8-inch widths and the poly spikes in 3-, 5- and 7-inch widths. Both types of spikes have a narrow 1.5” wide base, so they can be installed practically anywhere. The more economical poly spikes are available in a full spectrum of colors--like white, tan, gray, black, brown, brick red and crystal clear. There’s also a no-gap spike that’s easy to install on curved surfaces.


  1. Bird Chase Super Sonic. Easy to set up and use, these clever devices emit a series of predator and distress birdcalls that intimidate birds. They’re ideal for deterring pigeons, crows, starlings, swallows, gulls, sparrows, grackles, cormorants, and woodpeckers. The sounds emitted by these devices resemble normal birdcalls, so they won’t annoy your customers. Highly effective and versatile, the Bird Chase Super Sonic has the ability to broadcast distress and predator calls for as many as 22 different bird types. And unlike ultrasonic devices that annoy pets with super high frequency sounds that birds can’t hear, the Bird Chase device emits sounds that ordinary birds make and can hear. 


  1. Solar Powered Bird Repellers. Easily installed near your solar panels, these sun–powered repellers have blades that rotate continuously at 30 RPM. They’re ideal for discouraging seagulls, pigeons, crows and many other pest birds from perching and roosting. Some repellers even have adjustable telescoping “arms” that extend up to 5 feet in diameter. These solar bird repellers have been specially designed to store solar energy to keep their blades turning day and night. They’re perfect for keeping large birds like crows, gulls and pigeons from landing on or near your solar panel installations.

For additional advice on bird proofing your solar panel installations, consult an expert like the folks at Bird-B-Gone.


Bird Control for Your Boat

Sunday, June 16, 2013 by Ashley Johnson

get rid of birds on boatsBirds cause massive damage to boats, costing boat owners a fortune in cleanup and repairs. Pest birds make themselves right at home on boats. They scratch the surface with their sharp claws, they poop everywhere, which is not only messy and unpleasant but it also stains canvas and contains acids that can damage your boat as well. Birds are rather unsanitary and humans can easily pick up diseases from their droppings. Avoid all the mess and unnecessary financial headache of having birds land and nest on your boat.

Get rid of pest birds on your boat with bird control solutions. There are many humane ways to keep birds off boats so you can spend your time relaxing, rather than cleaning and repairing. You can choose from several physical, visual or sound bird control products. In some instances, a combination of products may be required, depending on the type of birds and where they are located.

The Repeller 360° is a physical and visual deterrent that spins 360° in the wind preventing large birds, like seagulls, pigeons and crows, from landing on your boat. The Bird Spider 360° is another excellent bird deterrent. It resembles a spider when its legs flower out as it spins and bounces in the wind causing a visual disturbance that frightens and keeps birds away from the area. The Bird Spider 360° has several mounting options that will keep it out of your way and are will not scratch your boat.

There are a couple of less expensive options to keep birds away from your boat. Since birds will always steer clear of areas where predators lurk a life-like hawk decoy is a great way to scare birds away. The hawk decoy can be placed most anywhere on your boat. Be sure to move it occasionally to give it a more life-like effect. A great sound bird deterrent is the Sonic Shield, which is a motion activated device that replicates the sound of a vicious dog barking when triggered.

All of these bird control products are easy to install and remove when needed. Remember to clean all droppings and nesting residue before installing bird control products.

Now you can relax and not worry about bird problems on your boat!




Implement Bird Free Boating

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Kathy Fritsch

get rid of birdsA seagull is best known for its scavenger ways.  They are always seen near large bodies of water.  Where there is food, there will be seagulls.  They are often times found around boats, especially fishing boats and parking lots as well as garbage dumps.

Now that is it springtime and the boats are being opened up and taken out, it is important to plan the attack of the seagull.  Bird free boats will mean more hours out on the water, and less hours cleaning up bird poop.  How do you achieve bird free boats?  Boat bird control needs to be implemented.

Types of Boat Bird Control

Start at the top.  Most birds prefer perching up on the boat rigging and antennas and any projecting parts of the boat.  Bird spikes can be installed on any flat or curved surface.  Adhering the bird spikes, whether they are stainless steel or plastic will physically block the birds from being able to land.  The spikes create a very annoying uneven surface for them and they will fly on by. The bird spikes can also be placed on the railings and booms. 

If the seagulls and other birds are a problem near the canvas covers, masts and Biminis, a bird spider would be ideal.  This type of bird deterrent is also a physical bird deterrent like the bird spikes. The spider like deterrent has a base and long spindly, spider like arms protrude from the base and sway and bounce with the wind.  There are different sizes of arms to fit different locations on the boat.  The visual distraction frightens away the pest birds.

There is a similar product to that of the bird spider deterrent, which is solar powered.  The type of bird repeller has one long 5' telescoping rod that spins continuously to “sweep” the large pest birds away.  It can work day or night, as the rechargeable batteries will store power for the dark times.  It can be mounted on a flat or angled surface. 

Whether you choose physical bird deterrents or visual scare deterrents or a combination of both, be assured that using a bird deterrent product will keep your boat free from pesky bird droppings and will give you more time out on the water having fun.

Get Rid of Birds from Your Boat

Sunday, March 31, 2013 by Kathy Fritsch

bird free boatsBoat owners, beware.  The season is upon you.  It is springtime.  It is the time to get the vessel into tip top shape and take weekend jaunts with friends and family, and take the vessel out for fun in the sun and sunset cruises.

Unfortunately, it is also the time of year that birds are most bountiful.  Springtime is breeding season which means nest building, which in turn means lots of bird droppings.  Droppings are very acidic and will degrade and stain the canvas covers of the boat and the metal riggings on the boat as well.  Fresh droppings make surfaces very slippery, even more so, on the surface of a boat.  Seagulls and other birds are natural foragers, so if there is any type of food left on the boat or if you have fished on the boat, the birds will swarm the vessel as soon as you leave it.

There are great choices of boat bird control products on the market.  There are solar-powered bird repellers that will keep the birds off day and night.  The solar powered unit is placed in an area where birds might be prone to land.  From the unit, a five foot in diameter arm spins and the movement is what keeps birds off.  Since it is solar powered, it saves energy, and has the ability to work at night, after storing the electricity during the day.  You will often see the solar bird repellers also on docs and swim platforms.  Homeowners use them as well for keeping birds off A.C. units, skylights and chimney caps.

Another effective bird deterrent for the boat is a bird spider repeller.  They are very easy to set up on the deck or any flat surface on the boat.  The bird spider is the same concept as the solar-powered bird repellers, but the difference is it is not solar powered and it has many “arms” extending from the base of the unit.  There are various sizes of arms to choose from, 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot diameter arms.  The arms bounce and sway in the breeze.

Both boat bird control products can be used, then stored away and used again and again.  They are a very economical way to get rid of birds and keep them off your vessel.


Keep Birds Off Your Boat this Summer

Sunday, February 17, 2013 by Fran Prisco

keep birds off your boatSpring is almost here and it is time to open your boat.  Each year thousands of boaters all over the country drop their boats into the local marina in anticipation of weekends on the water, only to be stalled by having to clean up after pest birds and the poop they leave behind.  Bird poop is very acidic and can cause expensive damage to boat canvases, paint and radar equipment.  Bird feces also poses a health threat.  Bird poop can carry any of 60 transmittable diseases that can be particularly dangerous to children and those with compromised amune systems.  It is very import, then, to include some sort of bird control system when you open your boat this year.  

Repeller 306° Bird Deterrent

When large birds like seagulls and pigeons are an issue on your boat, install the Repeller 360°.  It is a physical bird deterrent that makes it impossible for the birds to land in protected areas.  The repeller has a 5 foot diameter and spins around using the breeze as a power source.  On the ends are plastic flags with iridescent "eyes" that work to catch the breeze and frighten the birds with the scary eyes.  The Repeller 360° is easily attached to masts, railings and set on canvas using optional mounting devices.

Bird Spider Bird Repellent

The bird spiders for boats work like the Repellers, they are powered by the breeze, turning and wiggling and making it impossible for large birds to land on your boat.  The bird spiders come in various diameters, 2', 4', 6' and 8' making them ideal for all areas of your boat.  Use them on railings, canvas, masts, even radar units.  Once installed, your boat is protected from the damage that pest birds leave behind.  When it is time to use the boat, simply fold up the spider's arms and stow.

Visual Bird Deterrents

Visual bird deterrents like Mylar flash tape and reflective bird diverters can be used to scare birds away from your boat.  The sun shines on these bird deterrents and cause a visual distraction zone for the birds, they do not like the area so they will avoid it and land on your neighbor's boat.  These visual deterrents are inexpensive, easy to install and can be easily removed and stowed during times of using the boat.

To ensure that your have a great summer on the water, protect your boat and your family from pest birds and the damage they cause.  Install some sort of bird deterrent and enjoy your boat instead of cleaning and repairing it.

Bird Proofing is Important for Empty Buildings

Monday, November 19, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch

Get rid of pigeonsCorporate office buildings, strip malls and any other structure that is empty due to the suffering economy needs bird proofing more than ever.  Owners and property managers often overlook the pest bird inhabitants until it is too late.  Pest birds that are allowed to gather will do so in flocks.  When they do, bird droppings will begin to accumulate.  Someone can come in and scare the birds away, but the bird droppings are there to stay until they are physically removed. 

Bird droppings that are splattered all over the building and windows and ground around the building will quickly ruin the image of the building.  In this down economy, those looking to buy or lease building space have quite a few options open to them.  If it is a choice between clean or dirty, who is going to choose dirty?  Not too many is a good guess to the answer to that question. Implementing a few quick and simple bird proofing products is the difference between clean and dirty.  There is a huge cost difference between bird proofing and not.  Millions, if not billions of dollars is spent annually on clean up costs and damage repair from pest birds and their droppings. 

Bird droppings are very acidic and can damage just about any surface, including cement, paint, wood and canvas.  Nesting materials which also contain bird droppings can block security cameras and lighting, cause electrical shorts in the wiring and even possibly cause a fire. Bird nests will also block vents and ducts.  Fresh bird droppings are dangerous in walk ways as they are slippery and cause slip and fall incidents.  This is a huge liability to a property owner.  Bird proofing needs to be implemented at the first sighting of a problem, or better yet, before it becomes an issue in the first place.

Bird spikes are a great first defense to ward off the roosting pest bird.  Bird spikes are effective in places such as rooftops and parapet walls.  They are also a successful bird deterrent when applied to any ledge or on top of a light pole.  Strips of bird spikes can even be placed on top of the air conditioning units if birds are a problem there.  The bird spikes work by simply creating an uncomfortable and impossible area for the birds to land on.  They will be forced to fly to another location.  Bird spikes are quite easy to install.  They can either be glued down or screwed down on the surface.  There are rigid U.V. resistant unbreakable polycarbonate bird spikes and durable stainless steel.  The less expensive plastic bird spikes come in 3”, 5” and 7” widths.  Stainless steel bird spikes are available in 3”, 5” and 8” widths.  Both types of bird spikes have blunted ends so they will not harm the installer or the bird.  The plastic polycarbonate bird spikes come in a variety of colors to match the exterior of the building.  The colors are white, black, tan, brown, grey, brick red and crystal clear.  When installed correctly, both the stainless steel and plastic spikes are virtually invisible from the ground.  Bird spikes are a permanent solution to the pest bird problem.

Another method to keep birds away from the uninhabited building is the use of a solar bird repeller.  The solar bird repeller is considered a visual bird deterrent.  The solar bird repeller has two adjustable 5’ “arms” that turn continuously at 30 RPM’s.  The solar bird repellers can be placed strategically around the roofs, skylights, A.C. units, signs and light poles.  Anywhere there is a concentrated area where the larger pest bird is becoming a nuisance.  The solar units can be mounted on any flat or angled surface.  They are very light weight and easy to mount. The constant movement of the solar bird repeller, day and night, will keep birds away.  Solar bird repellers are often seen around marinas to keep the seagulls away from the boats and docks.  

A very unique way to keep the pest birds away is by using an electric track system.  The electric track systems are safe and humane, not to worry.  If the birds try to land it gives them a mild electrical shock.  It is the ultimate bird behavior modification plan.  The electric track systems are very flexible.  They can even bend 360 degrees without compromising the integrity of the product.   If the building is in a high visibility area where the aesthetics might be a priority, this is the product to use. It is a very low profile means with only ¼” height at the very highest point of the tracks.  It is water proof as well and has a “flow-through” design that will not cause any water build up behind the track.

There are a few extremely low cost bird control products that will help keep the birds away. It is always wise to use a couple of different products in tandem so the pest bird does not get use to any one kind of bird control.  Simple visual deterrents along with the bird spikes, solar repellers and electrical tracks are a perfect match.  Flash tape is a simple tape that comes in a roll.  It is not sticky; it can be described more like a ribbon.  Flash tape is made of iridescent red foil Mylar.  It has a shiny surface that creates a visual disturbance to the pest bird.  It is 2” side and comes in a 150’ roll.  It can be hung on any high structure or pole.  If there are trees near the building where birds might roost in waiting for their opportunity to access the building, the tree would be a great spot to hang the flash tape.  It can also be hung outside on the building as well.  The breeze moves the tape and the reflective surface along with a crinkling sound will scare away the birds.

A squatter, and especially of the feathered kind, is not what any building needs.  Bird proofing with bird control products in an unused building will prevent all sorts of issues and problems down the line.

Bird Pest Products for Home Skylights

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch

get rid of birdsAllowing natural light into the home’s interior is the one key reason that people get skylights installed.  Another reason is for ventilation, opening the skylights when the weather permits.  Modern skylights are weather-resistant in all climates.  When skylights are properly selected and installed, an energy-efficient skylight can help minimize lighting, cooling and heating costs.

A lot of thought and preparation goes into the selection of the skylight, the physical size, the space and design, and whether to glaze with plastic or glass. There should be just as much thought going into how to maintain and keep the skylight clean and free from bird droppings.

Pigeon deterrents and other bird repellents applied to roof area will keep the skylight free from birds nesting in them and roosting and perching, which will keep the area bird droppings free.  Pigeons can be deterred using bird spikes.  Plastic bird spikes are an excellent choice for home use.  They come in an array of colors to match the color of the home.  When installed correctly, they are virtually invisible.  Bird spikes are great for pigeons and other large birds such as seagulls and crows.  The spikes create an uneven surface that the larger birds will not land on.  It forces them to move onto a better location.  Installation is a breeze.  Bird spikes can be glued, screwed or tied down to most surfaces.  They are also weather proof and are not affected by extreme temperatures.

Another bird repellent product is a repeller that spins 360 degrees.  This spinning visual bird repellent also keeps the larger pest birds from landing.  There are two “sails” mounted on both sides of the 6’ stainless steel arm that has a reflective predator eye feature that also frightens birds away.

Both bird repellent products will keep your skylight and roof bird free.  Bird free means feces free and feces free means no bugs and diseases around to be transmitted into the home or to any person in the home.


It Is Easy to Bird Proof a Boat

Saturday, May 5, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch

bird free boatsBoating is one of those seasonal sports that people get excited about.  Fishing trips with the guys, family outings on the weekends, and out of town visitors in summer are fun reasons to take the boat out. 

Getting the boat ready for the season includes maintenance checks such as checking the safety gear, fuel systems and fluid levels.  Annual maintenance checks help get the boat out quicker and ensure safety on the seas.

Bird proofing the boat should be on the maintenance checklist.  There are different types of bird control products that can keep the boat free from nesting materials and bird feces. 

A solar-powered bird deterrent uses motion to scare away pest birds such as seagulls, crows and pigeons.  A solar repeller is a unit that has a base that can be mounted to the boat on either a flat surface or an angled one.  They are very easy to install.  There are two metal “arms” that screw right into the top of the repeller cone base.  The arms extend 2.5’.  The solar power causes continuous motion that prevents the bird from landing.  It does not injure the bird, just scares them away.

Another scare tactic to use is a visual bird deterrent such as a reflective bird diverter.  The scare diverter can be hung on the railings and especially the high areas of the boat where the birds like to perch.  The diverters have a “mock” predator eye design on the side.  To humans it is just a nice design, but it scares the bird away.  They also are made using a reflective material that irritates the bird’s visual senses. 

There are also balloons that work the same way and have a similar design.  The balloons are the size of an average beach ball.  Flash tape does not have the design, but the tape is made of Mylar and is a shimmery red.    Like the other visual diverters, the movement of the shiny flash tape annoys the bird.

The low cost and quick installation of these products will ensure a long season of bird free boating.



Plastic Bird Spikes are Green

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch

plastic bird spikes“Going green.”   You often hear this talked about.  People want to create a better world for themselves and future generations.  A few simple changes in lifestyle and anyone can make the move to greener living.   

For some, reducing the carbon dioxide emission by switching from passenger cars to buses, bicycles and trains is doing their part.  Gardeners add compost material which adds beneficial nutrients to the garden soil which improves the ability to retain water and it acts as a soil insulator.  

Use of bamboo products is considered greener because it promotes the reforestation and expansion of bamboo, which consume airborne carbon dioxide at a higher rate than other trees.

Then there are more mainstream ways to be greener such as recycling, CFL light bulb usage, and the switch to solar energy.

Bird control products that get rid of the woodpeckers and other pest birds around the home can also be considered green.  They are safe and humane for the bird and the homeowner and family.

Products such as plastic bird spikes are made of 100% post-industrial plastic materials.  Discarded scrap plastic is ground up and reformed into pellets, which then creates a strong eco-friendly bird repellent spike.  The plastic bird spikes can be applied to canopies, under eaves, fence lines, ledges, rooftops.  Installed on any flat or curved surface will keep the area bird free.  They especially prevent the bigger pest birds such as the pigeons, crows and seagulls from landing on the area that the spikes are installed.  They can be applied easily and quickly with either adhesives or screws, or tied into place.  Plastic bird spikes also come in a variety of colors to match the structures around the home.  When installed correctly, they are virtually invisible.  But, this type of bird spike is always green.

You don’t have to be a big company or a diehard environmentalist to make a change in the world.  Everyone can make a move towards greener living and a healthier world.


Why Bird Proofing the Home and Boat in Spring is Important

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch
get rid of birdsDeterring pest birds in spring is a smart move.  The longer the delay, the more likely the pest bird is going to build its nest.  Once the nests are built and active it is illegal to remove them according to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.  Even if the nests are in inconvenient locations or underneath the nest are piles of poop, it is still illegal.  Preventing pest birds from making your home or boat their home is as easy as applying bird control measures that will get rid of the pest bird and keep them away.  There are different ways to achieve the goal of getting rid of the birds.   There are visual bird scarers that frighten away the pest bird, physical deterrents that block them from the location and bird sound deterrents that trick and scare the pest bird into thinking they have come in contact with their predator or they are hearing distress calls from their own species.  There is a bird deterrent for every area that may become infested by the spring migratory bird.

Visual Bird Scarers

One bird that is a nuisance in spring is the woodpecker.  They attack the side of your home or other buildings, under eaves and in your trees.  There are woodpecker kits that contain visual scare devices that can be easily hung in the susceptible areas.  A vinyl balloon that is of bright colors and has a reflective surface can be hung in fruit trees, or any tree that the woodpecker and other pest birds are flocking to.  The scare balloon has an imprint on the side that appears to be a predator’s eye to the birds.  The colors and the reflective shiny surface cause a visual disturbance that the birds will want to avoid. They are easily installed by simply hanging them with twine.  They can even be partially filled with water and float in the backyard pool.  These scare balloons are often seen attached to post surrounding water holes on golf courses and parks to keep the pest duck away.  They can also be attached to the high points on a boat to keep the seagull from landing and making a mess with their droppings as they perch and roost or nest.

Flash tape is another type of visual bird deterrent that is included in the woodpecker kit.  Flash tape is a very effortless way to scare the birds away.  Flash tape is an iridescent red Mylar film.  When it moves in the breeze the sun reflects off the tape and creates a visual distraction zone to the bird.  It also has a crinkling sound that is annoying to the bird as well.  Flash tape is easily applied to trees, balconies, patios, overhangs and, again, the boat.  

Springtime brings about outdoor gardens and entertainment in the backyard.  A hawk decoy is a visual deterrent that can be place in the yard and garden.  The hawk is a life-like red-tailed decoy that scares birds away from these types of open areas.  The Red Tailed Hawks are known to hunt during daytime hours, so it is a very identifiable predator to most pest birds.  The hawk decoys are long lasting, made of durable plastic, that is meant for outdoor use.

Physical Bird Deterrents

A bird spider is both a visual deterrent as well as a physical bird deterrent.  A bird spider has “arms” like the arms of a spider, but the bird spider arms bounce around and sway with the breeze.  The movement of the bird spider is what creates the commotion that the birds do not like, and they will fly away from the area.  There are different sizes that will work in various areas around the home and boat.  The sizes are 2’ arms, 4’, 6’ and 8’.  The stainless steel arms stem from a round PVC Base.  There are special bases that are used specifically on boats that can be mounted on masts or spreaders.  Other places bird spiders can be used are near pools and Jacuzzis, rooftops, air conditioning units and skylights to only name a few.  

Another bird control product that is similar to the bird spider is a solar bird repeller.  The idea is the same, moving “arms” that distract and frighten the birds away. The solar bird repeller has a 5-ft telescoping “arm” that spins continuously.  This would keep the bird away day and night.  Getting the solar bird repeller to work properly only takes a full day of sun to charge the rechargeable batteries that keeps the power stored during dark periods.  The solar bird repeller is very easily installed and can be secured to a flat or angled surface.  They are also ideal on boats, especially those boats that are docked in the water.  Often times the repellers are mounted onto the edges of docks themselves.  You can also mount them onto roofs, skylights and air conditioning units.  

Bird Sound Deterrents

Bird sound deterrents are devices that are designed to get rid of pest birds in large open areas.  A large backyard with a beautiful garden would be the perfect instance to use a bird sound deterrent.  A bird sound deterrent can be programmed to play over 22 different types of species.  The sounds that are played are distress sounds and predators calls.  When the birds hear these sounds and calls, their natural born instinct is to flee the area.  Common birds that can be programmed are woodpeckers, pigeons, sparrows, crows and starlings and grackles.  The bird sound deterrents are sun and weather resistant for outdoor use.  With adaptable speakers, the coverage of bird control is up to 5-acres.  A lot of families are fortunate enough to live in areas with wide open spaces and sometimes even ponds in the backyards.  The bird sound deterrent is ideal in this type of location.  It will even keep the geese out of the pond. If the geese are the main problem in the area, there is a bird sound deterrent that is made specifically to keep the geese away.

Bird proofing the home and boat, small yards and larger areas is a safe and humane way to keep the birds away so that when spring is sprung, the bird deterrents are in action and the bird dropping mess stays away from your area, and outdoor activities are clean, safe and peaceful.

Two Easy Ways to Achieve a Bird Free Boat

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch
bird free boatsJoining in the ranks of boat ownership is a great feeling.  There is no better sensation than taking the vessel out into the open sea in spring time; the cool wind whipping past your face, feeling the slight sprinkles of salt water on your skin.  Along with the fun comes responsibility.  Boating is a sport that can be time consuming and expensive.  With the cost of gas, life jackets, licenses and permits, fishing gear and insurance to name a few, taking care of what you have requires groundwork.

Maintenance is a key factor for boat owners.  Spring is the time of year for the annual preparation and cleaning for millions of boat owners.  Annual maintenance prevents problems and delays in getting the boat out into the open sea.  Bird control should always be included along with the yearly checkup of safety gear, fuel systems and fluid levels.  There are two different bird control methods that will keep your boat bird free. 

Visual Bird Deterrents   

    Reflective Bird Diverters

Visual bird deterrents that will help achieve a bird free boat consist of methods that will scare the bird away and get rid of the bird from your boat.  Visual bird deterrents such as reflective bird diverters, predator eye scare balloons and flash tape are objects that can be hung on the railings, and especially any high areas on the boat.    Reflective bird diverters frighten the bird away with the mock predator eye design and the shiny reflective surface.  Both work in unison to make the pest bird visually uncomfortable.  It is effective for both small and larger bird species.  They are durable and can be left in use and can also be easily stored away. 

    Predator Eye Scare Balloon

The scare balloon acts as a bird deterrent in the same way as the hanging bird diverters.  The scare balloon is a vinyl balloon.  It is about the same size as the average beach ball that children play with.  It has very bright colors that are very easy for the pest birds to see.  The design on the side of the scare balloon is a mock predator eye.  The vinyl material also makes the scare balloon have a shiny reflective surface.  All features of the balloon will have the pest bird confused and frightened.  They will fly around this visual distraction to avoid the area and stay away.

    Flash Tape

Again, scaring the bird away, not harming them is the goal of strategic bird control.  Mylar flash tape that is an iridescent red will do the trick.  Strips of flash tape can be placed anywhere on the boat, the higher the better.  Like the diverters and scare balloons, the flash tape creates that visual disturbance for the pest bird.  Not only does the flash tape move in the breeze having the sun reflect of the tape causing irritation to the bird’s sense of sight, but there is a sound when the flash tape moves.  It is a crinkling like sound that is another irritant that they will want to avoid.  As for the boater, the flash tape and other visual deterrents create almost a festive look on the boat; if you happen to notice them at all it is a very unassuming way to keep your boat bird free.

Physical Bird Deterrents

You might be asking yourself about ensuring a bird free boat at night when it is dark out and there is no breeze.  A physical bird deterrent is something that blocks the pest bird from any given area.  This would be a successful means of keeping a bird free boat during dark times.  There are cross between bird control products that address both visual and physical deterrents.

Solar Bird Repeller

A solar bird repeller only takes a full day of sun to charge the 2-AA rechargeable batteries that will last during the dark periods.  The solar powered bird deterrent uses continuous movement to get rid of the pest birds.  The solar bird repeller is a portable unit that has a 5 foot long “arm” that spins continually when turned on.  The movement of the arm is what keeps the birds away from the area.  The “arm” movement is the physical aspect that keeps the bird from landing and movement is the visual disturbance that frightens them away. 

    Bird Spider

A bird spider works the same way as a solar bird repeller in the aspect as it acts as both a physical deterrent as well as a visual deterrent.  The bird spider has optional bases, including a boat base for easy installation on masts or spreaders.  You can purchase this bird deterrent in four different sizes depending on the area you are protecting.  The bird spider’s “arms” come in 2’, 4’, 6’ and 8’ sizes.  These “arms” move and bounce around in the breeze.  The movement keeps the birds, especially larger birds such as seagulls, from landing near the movement.  Again, they are frightened away.

Scare tactics to get rid of birds to obtain a bird free boat does not harm the pest bird.  It is a safe and humane way to protect your investment of the vessel.  The low cost of the physical and visual bird deterrents will keep you boating all year long.  Making it a part of your winterizing and de-winterizing check list will make certain that your boat will not only be clean but safe a bird free.

Strategic Deterrents to Keep Seagulls Off Boats

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch
bird free boatsSpring is in the air, and so are the seagulls.  Boats are in the water, and the challenge is to keep seagulls off boat decks, gunwales, masts, spreaders and canvases.  Not only seagulls, but cormorants and even pigeons love to use boats for their waterfront perch.  Doesn’t everyone love a waterfront view?  It is important to keep seagulls off boats because of the mess they leave behind.  Bird droppings are a nasty mess.  Boat owners who do not use any kind of bird deterrent system will find themselves spending a significant amount of time cleaning up the bird droppings before each boat launch.  This situation happens all too often, and it does not have to occur.  To keep seagulls off boat decks and other areas takes only a little strategy and a little time.

A safe and humane seagull deterrent system is in need.  One of the best and safest strategies to keep seagulls off boat areas is to scare them away.  It seems simple, right?  It actually is simple.  Scaring the pest birds away is a very smart strategy and reputable bird control companies have seagull deterrent systems that do just that. 

The reason to keep seagulls off boat areas and any other area for that matter, besides the unsightly mess, is to keep the area free from disease.  Accumulated bird droppings notoriously harbor fungus and disease.   The high nutrient substance of pest bird droppings creates a playground for prospectively dangerous organisms.  Diseases such as E. coli, cryptococcosis and Histoplasmosis are found in the droppings.   Meningitis, septicemia and pneumonia can be caused by these diseases.  You can become infected by breathing in the spores from the dust created by disturbed bird droppings.  Keeping seagulls off boat areas will keep these diseases away from your family and any passengers you may invite on board. 

Strategy begins with the type of bird deterrent that is needed.  If you want to keep seagulls off boat day and night a solar bird repeller would do the trick.  The solar bird repeller scares the pest birds away by the movement of the 6-foot telescoping “arm” that spins continuously.  It can be easily mounted on any flat or angled surface.   You want to make sure the unit is secured properly.  If not, the excess winds can tip the repeller.  It can be mounted using screws.  It can also be mounted using bungee cords and tie downs.  The bungee cords are the best way to secure the solar bird repeller to uneven surfaces.  It also makes for very easy removal.  There is a simple on and off switch on the back of the unit.  Prior to the installation, the repeller needs to be charge in full sun light for a minimum of 8 hours.  This also pre-charges the batteries.

Before you put into action the solar bird repeller which will keep seagulls off boat areas, you will want to clean any bird droppings that may already be there.  The use of a commercial disinfectant cleaning agent is recommended.  This type of cleaning agent reduces the exposure to the airborne diseases mentioned above.  Also eliminating any variables such as food and water will help keep seagulls off boat areas.  They are scavengers and will go after just about anything.

Frightening birds away from any area is one of the best strategies out there.  There are laws governing the protection of bird species.  Most people’s aim is not to harm the bird but to humanely keep seagulls of boat areas and all other areas as well.  Solar bird repellers can easily be used for docks and swim platforms.  They work well for A.C. units, roofs and skylights as well.  Wherever there is a problem with a pest bird, there is a bird control solution.


Boat Bird Control using Physical Deterrents

Friday, January 13, 2012 by Kathy Fritsch
get rid of birds from your boatMost people think of the seagull on the beach.  If there is any food near, they are hovering above, waiting until they can snatch it up.  Leaving behind your lunch remains on the towel while rinsing off in the ocean will most likely leave you with no remains left at all; the seagull will steal what is left behind as soon as you walk away.  Seagulls are known to be scavengers.  They have been referenced as garbage men with wings.   

Boat bird control is on the forefront of every captain and boat owner out there.  Seagulls are notorious to captains of boats and boat owners.  The more a bird eats, the more the bird poops.  The seagull is a huge eater which creates a huge mess if boat bird control is not in place.   Seagulls and other pest birds are drawn to boats where they find many areas, high and low, to roost and nest.    They will often perch and roost on the boat rigging, antennas and the projecting parts of the vessel.  The bird droppings that fall down onto the boat itself will damage the paint, wood, canvas and any other material the droppings land on.  Boat bird control in place is essential in keeping a healthy boat afloat.

Having boat bird control in place will guarantee your boat will be ready for use when you return to the docks to take it out.  Time and time again boaters spend too much time cleaning up their boat before they can even take it out of the dock.  With boat bird control in action, even when you are not near the boat, it is keeping birds away, which means keeping the nests and droppings at bay.

Successful boat bird control consists of physical bird deterrents.  A physical and visual deterrent is a method that frightens the pest seagulls away when they see a visual distraction.  Flash tape is an example of a type of visual bird deterrent that can be put on the boat to keep birds away.  The flash tape is made from an iridescent red foil Mylar tape.  The glossy reflective surface of the tape when it is moving with the breeze scares the birds away from the tape.  The flash tape makes a “crinkling” sound that is an irritant to the bird and they fly away from the sound also.

A bird spider is another visual bird deterrent method that works well on boats.  The bird spider has a base which can either be a sandbag base or can be mounted on the boat’s surface and the railing.  The bird spider deterrent has stainless steel “arms” that move with the breeze.  The movement of the “arms” creates an area that frightens the birds away.  They will not want to perch, roost or build a nest anywhere near this type of boat bird control method. 

When the vessel is in a more secluded area that may not be affected by the breeze, a solar bird repeller is another visual bird deterrent option.  The solar bird repeller has moving 5 foot long flexible “arms” that move using solar-power.  Even in the dark quiet evening, boat bird control is in action.  The solar unit comes with an on and off switch and can be switched off when the boat is in use.  It only takes 8 hours in full sun to pre-charge the batteries.

For best results, using the spider or repeller along with either the Mylar flash tape or a visual scare diverter to ensure full exclusion for your vessel.  The unsanitary conditions that come with bird droppings is not something you want to deal with.  Boating should be fun and carefree.  Using boat bird control visual deterrents will make sure to keep the pest gulls away creating clean and fun boating.

Bird Repellent Choices

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 by Kathy Fritsch
get rid of birdsWhether it is winter or summer, pest birds are quite a nuisance.  In summer, birds are out for all to see, roosting near food sources, which may include a flourishing garden in the backyard.  Winter time, the pest birds will want to hide away from the elements and their predators.  Any opening on the roof or under the eaves of the home is fair game to them, unless there are bird repellent products in place.

When bird control products are absent from the home, damage to the home, and possibly to your health is a probability.  Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars cleaning up after the pest bird and in repairs due to damage.  There are many affordable and easy bird repellents that will keep pest birds off your home and out of your garden.  Investing in bird repellent products will save you money in the long run.

Bird Repellent Choices:

Visual bird repellents cause a visual distraction that scares the birds away.  Flash tape is a visual bird deterrent that can be used in backyard areas to keep pest birds away from garden plants and seeds.  The flash tape can be mounted on poles in your garden area. The breeze moves the strips of shiny Mylar tape.  The shiny surface of the flash tape also reflects the sun causing visual irritation to the pest birds keeping them away.  There are also balloon repellents and scare diverters that also cause a visual annoyance to the pest birds.  The balloon repellents have reflective eyes printed on the sides of them that cause a visual diversion area making the birds want to leave the area.  Bird diverters also work well hanging in the fruit trees where the birds love to roost.  They will be forced to find another location to roost and search for food.

Physical bird repellents are bird control barriers that keep pest birds from landing and roosting.  These can include bird netting, bird spikes and bird repellers. Bird netting is used to keep out pest birds from areas such as under the eaves of your home.  You can install bird netting at an angle from the roof edge to the side of your home to protect it from swallows and woodpeckers as well.  Netting is also used to protect bushes such as blueberries. Bird netting is strong yet lightweight making it easy to install.  The netting comes in different mesh sizes to keep all types of pest birds at bay. It is virtually invisible once installed in the fruit trees or berry bushes making is a very low profile means of protecting your home from the feathered foe.  Bird Spikes are easy to use and install and are also a very economical way to keep birds like pigeons and seagulls off your home.  You simply glue or screw them to the edges and peaks of the roof to keep them off.  Patio covers and other flat surfaces such as fences are also target areas that bird spikes work well.  Bird repellers are a unique physical bird repellent. These repellent units “sweep” birds away with rotating “arms.”  They are solar powered with rechargeable batteries to run even during dark hours.  The repellers are ideal for keeping larger birds off of patio furniture, patio covers.  They work extremely well on docks and boats and can be a captain’s best friend.

Sonic repellents work by scaring birds away with the sounds of their own predators and distress calls.  The sounds are played in short intervals from the speakers on the sonic units.  The sounds trigger the bird’s natural instincts to danger and they will fly away.  Sonic sound units are water proof and easy to use and program.  There are 22 target birds that can be programmed such as the pigeon, sparrow, crow or whatever bird is causing the problem.  The unit will play a species specific distress call and predator calls that will scare the birds. 

It is common and sometimes necessary to use more than one bird repellent product to insure total exclusion of the pest bird.  Whether it is visual repellents along with sonic units, or sonic units with physical deterrents, acquaint yourself with the culprit, and devise a bird control strategy that best fits your situation.